Thriving not just surviving, support for new entrants into farming

The recently launched EIP-AGRI Focus Group ‘New entrants into farming’ is looking into which patterns characterise new entrants in farming and what can be learnt from them to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture. Agnès Papone, one of the Focus Group experts and a recent convert to the farming profession,...
European Union
2015 - EIP-AGRI Agriculture and Innovation

III Cumbre de Presidentes de la CELAC anuncia plan contra el hambre

Noticia que da cuenta de la III Cumbre de la Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y del Caribe (CELAC), en donde los presidentes de América Latina y el Caribe dieron su apoyo al Plan para la Seguridad Alimentaria, Nutrición y Erradicación del Hambre 2025 de la CELAC, desarrollado por los países con el...
Costa Rica

Modernization, a vital necessity in a competitive environment

From a transition enterprise to a successful story: a Slovenian unit for sorting and packing fruit was modernized with EAFRD financing. This project is the story of an important regional producer, respectively of a company providing one third of the fruit in Slovenia. Placed in the South-East of Slovenia, in...

Carta abierta de la Plataforma Nacional de Agricultura Familiar (PAF-Perú)

Por los Derechos de todos los ciudadanos y ciudadanas, por Justicia e Inclusión Social y Desarrollo Sostenible en el Perú.
Carta dirigida a congresistas de Perú, desde PAF-Perú, integrada por la Alianza de Organizaciones Agrarias - AOA, Convención Nacional del Agro Peruano - CONVEAGRO, el Consorcio Agroecológico Peruano –CAP y el Colectivo Perú por Seguridad Alimentaria con Soberanía, que agrupan a más de cien organizaciones, gremios agrarios e instituciones de la...
2015 - Plataforma Nacional de Agricultura Familiar (PAF-Perú)

Hacia la construcción de la soberanía alimentaria

Desafíos y experiencias en Paraguay y Argentina
Este material, además de compartir algunos elementos claves para comprender la propuesta de la soberanía alimentaria, sistematiza la visión y las experiencias que tienen sobre la soberanía alimentaria las organizaciones paraguayas que en la actualidad son integrantes y se encuentran activas en la Vía Campesina-Paraguay: la Coordinadora Nacional de Mujeres...
Argentina - Paraguay
2015 - BASE-IS, Equipo de Educación Popular Pañuelos en Rebeldía, CIFMSL

Agricultura familiar en boca de todos

La Agricultura Familiar no es un tema reciente ni desconocido, ya se ha estudiado desde hace varios años.  Sin  embargo  actualmente  comienza  a  estar  en  boca de  todos  como  concepto revolucionario, esperando  llegar  a  nuestras  bocas  (literalmente)  en  forma  de  bienes  de consumo.  Por  ello,  para abordarlo es preciso antes...
Brazil - Colombia
2015 - Instituto para el Desarrollo Rural de Sudamérica (IPDRS)

Vulnerability and social resilience of family farming at the High Guaporé (Mato Grosso) in the context of contemporary environmental change

This thesis aims at identifying and understanding the main factors underlying the formation of the situations of vulnerability and social resilience among farmers living in the Alt o Guaporé region in the state of Mato Grosso,  in relation to  the contemporary  environmental changes. Within the theoretical framework developed here, reactions...
2015 - Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)

Warrantage paysan au Burkina Faso

Accès au crédit par le biais des stocks de proximité
Au Burkina Faso, les organisations paysannes mettent en pratique depuis quelques années le warrantage paysan. Les paysans et paysannes stockent une partie de leurs récoltes et les utilisent comme garantie pour accéder aux crédits collectifs octroyés par les institutions de micro-finances. Cette activité permet, d'une part, l'accès au crédit pour...
Burkina Faso
2015 - Oxfam International

Agricultural Outlook Conference - EU

Speaking in front of over 400 stakeholders from the agricultural sector, Commissioner Hogan today presented his vision for agriculture in the European Union and the future of the Common Agricultural Policy.
2015 - European Union

Constructing autonomy, territory and peace

In the decades-long conflict in Colombia, agroecology has emerged as a strategy that helps women to cope with the war and to feed their families. AMOY, a women farmers organisation, not only promotes agroecological activities, but also supports women to counteract the cruelty of war by providing a space to express fear and sadness, to find refuge, and to protect themselves from armed groups.
In the past 50 years, around 5,2 million Colombian farmers have been displaced from their lands, and about 8 million hectares of farmland were taken from their owners due to Colombia’s internal armed conflict. The war and neoliberal policies caused suffering, especially for women farmers. In order to overcome this...
2015 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

Between city and country: domestic workers building food sovereignty

In Latin America and the Caribbean, domestic workers make up 18% of the female labour force. Migrating from rural areas to work in the city, many maintain both rural and urban identities. With strong connections to their family’s farm on one hand, and playing a key role in buying and...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
2015 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

FAO participa en la Semana de la Agricultura Familiar Chilena en Expo Milán

Funcionarios de la FAO tomaron parte ayer y hoy en las actividades de la Semana de la Agricultura Familiar Chilena, organizada por el Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario de Chile (INDAP) en el marco de la feria mundial Expo Milán 2015. Las actividades, que se desarrollarán durante cinco días, apuntan a sensibilizar...
2015 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Reclaiming life in marginal areas and fragile ecosystems through innovative solutions

The case of bocage perimeters in Burkina Faso
A bocage is a balanced environment, created to combine trees, crops and livestock. The concept of a bocage perimeter is created to solve the problems associated with extensive agriculture (overgrazing, erosion, fires etc.). A bocage perimeter is the result of land consolidation at the request of owners of a site....
Burkina Faso
2015 - Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

Burkina Faso: En attendant la pluie

Dans la région du Sahel, des techniques simples d'amélioration des sols et de rétention de l'eau ont aidé les agriculteurs du pays à reverdir près de 300 000 hectares de terres menacées de sécheresse.
Burkina Faso
2015 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Why do we need sustainable agriculture?

It is becoming clearer by the day that we need to reform our food system. From droughts, to challenges in energy demand, to the lack of transparency in our food choices, there are many reasons why we need to change from a conventional industrial food system to one that is...
2015 - Greentumble

La erradicación del hambre para el año 2025

El sueño que une a CELAC y FAO
La Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños (CELAC) y la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) han alineado sus esfuerzos bajo una meta común: la completa erradicación del hambre en todos los países de la región para el año 2025, señaló hoy la Oficina...

EU leads efforts to tackle agricultural export competition at 10th WTO Ministerial Conference

Addressing agricultural export competition has been a longstanding demand from many countries, notably developing and least-developed countries. Advancing on this issue would make the multilateral trading system fairer, it would support farmers world-wide, and it would create a more level playing field for trade across the globe.

SLOVENIA - “Without the funds for rural development it would have been hard to achieve everything we aimed for”

The Slovenian farm, Puhan, has 11 hectares of arable land, three acres of grape vines and a hectare of forest. Its tourist offer is based on a wide variety of food and drink healthy, mostly local products. The farm is a member of the association “DISI Prekmurje po” (Scent of...

From slash and burn to ‘slash and mulch’

In semi-arid cropping regions of West Africa, fallow periods are getting shorter. As land becomes more scarce, farmers are not able to give their soils enough time to rest. This is leading to depletion of soil organic matter, severely threatening soil fertility and damaging soil structure. In the worst cases,...
Burkina Faso
2015 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

Semilla Andina

Este grupo se define como promotores de un estilo de vida sostenible, acompañando procesos de emprendimiento comunitario urbano y rural y de fortalecimiento de consumo y producción de comida sana y nutritiva. Su piedra angular es la agricultura orgánica y actualmente coordina el Mercado Agroecológico Tierra Viva en donde se integran más...
2015 - Semilla Andina
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