Studying spatial effects on stock dynamics of North Sea cod and plaice in the Skagerrak

Under the scope of the a4a Initiative, the JRC is promoting cooperative activities between fisheries scientists with the aim to test, disseminate and promote a4a methods. These Small Research Projects (SRP) focus on comparing the results of assessments from other models to assessments obtained from the a4a statistical catch-at-age model,...
European Union
2015 - European Union - European Commission

Farmers in focus: The Mexican star at the US farmers’ market

Nelida Martinez, from Oaxaca, Mexico, came to pick berries in the USA. Now, against all odds, she is the owner and operator of her own organic farm. Through a farm business incubator, Nelida was able to rent land, and now produces organic food that she sells at farmers’ markets in the Skagit Valley area.
  "We Latino farm workers are the majority here. But it’s a lot of humiliation for us. Many of us never think about having our own farm because we feel degraded by the work as farm labourers and we don’t have money to rent our own land. But when my son...
United States of America
2015 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

Газетная статья
Mobiliser des ressources techniques et sociales pour s’installer : stratégies des jeunes ruraux au Maroc

Pour s’installer, les jeunes ruraux font face à de nombreuses contraintes, comme le manque d’accès aux ressources productives. Cela se répercute sur leur implication dans les dynamiques agricoles et rurales. Cet article analyse les stratégies déployées par les jeunes ruraux du Maroc pour contourner ces contraintes. Nous avons identifié trois...

MinPPAT inició jornadas de trabajo para conceptualizar la Agricultura Familiar en Venezuela

Con el objetivo de impulsar las políticas públicas orientadas al sector campesino, el Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Agricultura y Tierras, MinPPAT, inició las jornadas de trabajo para conceptualizar la Agricultura Familiar en Venezuela. Entre los compromisos acordados durante estas primeras discusiones se encuentra el de sistematizar todas las propuestas,...
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
2015 - Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Agricultura y Tierras (MinPPAT)

Europe entering the era of ‘precision agriculture’

The world’s growing population has resulted in rising demand for agricultural products. But, at the same time supply capabilities are shrinking due to reduced land availability and climate change. Analysts claim that an “agri-tech revolution” is needed and precision farming is emerging as an innovation driven solution. Precision farming is...
2015 - EurActive

German Federal Government Agriculture Report 2015

The 2015 German Federal Government Agriculture Report outlines current challenges, political measures taken by the Federal Government and the state of agriculture over the past four years. It illuminates the profile of a sector that moves within a dynamic field.
2015 - Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Kazakhstan and FAO

Partnering to achieve sustainable livelihoods and food security
The partnership between Kazakhstan and FAO has been constantly evolving since the country became a member of the Organization in 1997. Kazakhstan has recently increased its emphasis on investments in agriculture, forestry and rural development, and aims to modernize the sector while transitioning to a green economy. FAO technical assistance...

Training in Alternative Food Distribution Systems (AFDS)

“Building Regional Produce Supply Chains: Logistics for Short Circuit Agriculture” 2014-2015
These guidelines were created within the frame of a project called ‘Building Regional Produce Supply Chains: Logistics for Short Circuit Agriculture’. The document provides training material for use by anyone providing training in AFDS (Alternative Food Distribution Systems) or anyone eager to learn about organising logistics for local food systems....
European Union

MAG continúa trabajos de tecnificación de la agricultura familiar

El Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (MAG) continua con los trabajos de implementación de tecnología en la agricultura familiar a fin de mejorar los resultados de rendimiento en los cultivos de los pequeños productores. A través del apoyo del Programa de Producción de Alimentos (PPA) del MAG 8.360 hectáreas fueron mecanizadas,...

Mémoires En Transitions

The website Mémoires en transitions is a digital archive related to an exhibition project that explores the collective memory of farmers families. Its goal is to safeguard and valorise the extraordinary stories which were lived on some specific farms in Luxembourg. New interpretations of these stories - through a research...

FAO urged to address land degradation, malnutrition, needs of family farms

Key elements of FAO’s work in Europe and Central Asia – combating land and soil degradation, addressing the needs of family farms, boosting nutrition through agriculture, and studying rural people’s access to social protection schemes – were affirmed by the Organization’s members this week. The 39th session of the European...
2015 - FAO

Reformed CAP aims to respond to global food security challenge

In an effort to help EU farming adjust to future nutritional needs, the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the period 2014-2020 aims at bridging the existing gap between research and farming practice.
2015 - EurActiv

Incertidumbres sembradas en la tierra. Prácticas y expectativas de jóvenes rurales en perspectiva intergeneracional y de género, en contextos de guerra

El caso de la región del Oriente Antioqueño, Colombia
Este texto recoge los resultados de un estudio cuyo propósito es profundizar en la relación, expectativas y percepciones de los y las jóvenes frente a la tierra y el territorio desde una perspectiva de género e intergeneracional que hiciera posible una lectura más amplia de estas realidades. La aproximación se...
2015 - Corporación Ambiental Rio Verde

Rural development in the European Union

Rural development in the European Union is part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and it is a vitally important policy area: over 56 % of the population in European Union (EU) Member States lives in rural areas, which cover 91 % of the territory. The EU has 500 million...

En ascenso producción de la agricultura urbana en Cuba

El papel de avanzada de la agricultura urbana en Cuba continúa en ascenso, cuando este año deberá ser superada la cifra de hortalizas y condimentos del 2014, que fue de un millón 260 mil toneladas. Según el director del Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Fundamentales de la Agricultura Tropical y jefe del...

Firman convenio que permitirá mejorar la competitividad de la agricultura familiar

Con el objetivo de abordar brechas de productividad y tecnología en la pequeña agricultura, a través de una metodología que permita a las familias campesinas y sus asesores incorporar nuevos conocimientos, el Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA) y el Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario (INDAP), firmaron un convenio de cooperación en...

AgriNeTT app for farmers UWI App tech taking crops to new heights

This article is a written work published in an electronic medium. AgriNeTT, the project, is a series of mobile apps which will help farmers geo-spatially understand the characteristics of their land and understand the most suitable crops to plant and will help them to track expenses and profitability of crops and...
Trinidad and Tobago
2015 - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Editorial: Women showing the way with agroecology

Around the world, women forge change in their communities using agroecological approaches. Yet, surprisingly little has been written about this subject. This issue of Farming Matters shows how women can transform a situation of exclusion, crisis and social vulnerability, into a positive spiral of innovation, solidarity, and personal growth.
Many innovations led by women are based on agroecological principles such as increasing diversity, using fewer pesticides, or building new relationships with consumers. Through small experiments women learn, get organised and strengthen their autonomy. They gain increasing recognition and visibility in their communities and increase their self-esteem. This positive spiral...
Brazil - Colombia - Malaysia - Mozambique - Spain
2015 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

Connecter les exploitations familiales agroécologiques aux marchés porteurs

Au Sénégal, Agrisud et son partenaire local JAPPOO Développement tentent de lever les contraintes qui pèsent sur l’agriculture familiale des régions de M’bour (sud de Dakar) et de Basse-Casamance. Objectif : se reconnecter aux marchés porteurs, en particulier celui des structures hôtelières du littoral.
2015 - Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale (CFSI)

Газетная статья
Jeunes fellahs en quête de leadership au Maroc

Notre analyse porte sur les jeunes fellahs (paysans) en quête de leadership, en postulant que la jeunesse renvoie aux mutations sociales et politiques, notamment au rapport entre générations et au rapport aux politiques publiques. L’histoire politique du Maroc montre que pour asseoir une domination sur les territoires ruraux, l’État a toujours entretenu...
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