Improving food security and agricultural livelihoods in Northern Uganda

Improving food security and agricultural livelihoods in Northern Uganda is an EU-funded Government of Uganda's Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery Project (ALREP) implemented by FAO in northern Uganda targeting people that have resettled in their homes after the 20 years of war. The video highlights how farmer field schools are being used...
2013 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Family Farming Newsletter for Latin America and the Caribbean, January-March 2013

The year 2013 is of particular importance: it is the year we celebrate the International Year of Quinoa (IYQ), and we formally begin to prepare for the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) in 2014. Quinoa and Family Farming go hand in hand: both can contribute substantially toward the fight against hunger. However, to tap their...
Nicaragua - Paraguay - Peru - Suriname - Uruguay

Potentially Important Food Plants of Sri Lanka

Formed in 2007, Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group (FPS) creates science-based educational materials, which: identify highly nutritious local food plants, explain how to grow them in a sustainable, agroecological way, detail the nutritional value of the plants and describe why human bodies require those nutrients. The resources created by FPS allows people to better...
Sri Lanka

Mujeres y pesca artesanal en la Región Centroamericana para todos

Promoviendo alianzas y contribuyendo al mejoramiento de capacidades de los hombres y mujeres trabajadores de la pesca de pequeña escala en Centroamérica
Este documento presenta de forma interactiva la importancia de las mujeres en la pesca artesanal de Centroamérica, describiendo sus actividades, estadísticas regionales y detallando los derechos de las mujeres.
2013 - Cooperativa Autogestionaria de Servicios Profesionales para la Solidaridad Social (CoopeSoliDaR)

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation - Challenges and Opportunities in the Food Sector

The aim of the workshop is to examine various types of standards and labels and to build upon lessons learned from concrete examples to identify issues and challenges to be addressed, discuss their potential contribution to improve sustainability of food systems, and propose measures in order to improve their effectiveness....
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Inclusión de la agricultura familiar en cadenas de valor

Proyecto Paraguay Inclusivo, informe de diseño del proyecto
El Proyecto “Inclusión de la Agricultura Familiar en Cadenas de Valor” tiene como objetivo: “contribuir a incrementar los activos, los ingresos y calidad de vida de los agricultores familiares campesinos pobres y población rural pobre, mediante su inserción en forma sostenible, y a través de sus organizaciones sociales representativas, en...
2012 - Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería Paraguay

Sistemas Ingeniosos del Patrimonio Agrícola Mundial (SIPAM). La Agricultura de Chiloé

En este segundo Boletín informativo se seguirá comunicando acerca de activididades y logros del proyecto SIPAM, con la intención de que cada vez más actores del territorio puedan conocer y participar de esta iniciativa.
2012 - Universidad Austral de Chile

Cooperatives in small-scale fisheries

Enabling successes through community empowerment
Cooperatives in the small-scale fisheries sector are a way of maximizing long-term community benefits to deal with the threats of fisheries mismanagement, livelihood insecurity and poverty – harsh realities for many of the world’s small-scale fishers. Communities with successful community-based organizations are better off than those without (Ostrom, 1990). Successful...
Brazil - Mexico
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Poverty and gender effects of smallholder organic contract farming in Uganda

The objectives of this study were, first, to examine the impacts of certified organic contract farming on the food security of the smallholder farm households participating in such arrangements, and second, to assess the role of gender relations in these dynamics. In particular, the study considered how the costs and...
2012 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Linking smallholder pastoralist milk producers and agro-industries in the greater Bamenda area of Cameroon

Over 95% of pastoralist women in the North West Region of Cameroon depend exclusively on milk production for their income. The overall decline in pastoral resources in the past decades has affected milk productivity, drawing attention and technical support from public and non-governmental partners. However, this did not lead to...
2012 - SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Building an effective advocacy movement for sustainable and equitable agricultural development in Africa modernisation of smallholder agriculture and policy making in Uganda

Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy and an important driver of economic development and poverty reduction. Approximately 73% of Ugandans depend on agriculture. However, the sector currently faces many multifaceted challenges which include land degradation, inadequate market access, unreliable weather and civil strife. Agricultural growth is also affected by...

Investing in women farmers for improved livelihoods and dairy value chain development in Kapchorwa District

Women in Kapchorwa district play a crucial role in sustaining their families through dairy and agricultural production. They provide most of the farm labour, which they combine with caring for their families, conducting farm and non-farm income-generating activities and contributing to community development initiatives. Increasingly, women are also involved in...
2012 - SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Basta de violencia hacia las mujeres del campo - CONAMURI

La Coordinadora Nacional de Organizaciones de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas (CONAMURI) de Paraguay aglutina a mujeres rurales e indígenas, que tiene entre sus principales objetivos el logro de igualdad de derechos entre hombres y mujeres en la familia, la organización y la sociedad. Tiene un enfoque específico en las discriminaciones...

Alli Ñambi - Camino al Buen Trato. Superando el temor y el silencio

En Ecuador, ocho de cada diez mujeres sufrieron algún tipo de violencia física, psicológica o sexual. Superar el temor y el silencio es el primer paso hacia una vida sin violencia. El video incluye los testimonios de mujeres indígenas de la nacionalidad kichwa de la Amazonía ecuatoriana que han sufrido algún...
2012 - Fundación Interarts

Riqueza Latente II

Esta publicación muestra en imágenes algunos de los proyectos de productoras y productores del Programa de Desarrollo rural del Noroeste Argentino (PRODERNOA). 
2012 - Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR)

Empleo y condiciones de trabajo de mujeres temporeras agrícolas

Tomo 1
Los trabajos que se presentan a continuación constituyen una nueva colaboración entre agencias de Naciones Unidas en este tema. Parte de este camino de colaboración ha sido el Grupo de Trabajo conjunto FAO/OIT, que ya en 2008 señaló: “El logro de condiciones más justas de empleo signifi ca la provisión...
Argentina - Brazil - Chile

Газетная статья
Systematization of a community intervention in a post-earthquake context in Chincha, Peru

This article presents the lessons learned and a critical analysis of a community intervention on seventeen urban and rural towns after the earthquake of August 15th, 2007 in the province of Chincha, Peru. The critical review proposed emphasizes the analysis of participation and community empowerment. The community intervention strengthened the...
2012 - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Analysis matrix for identifying fair gender equality policies

When considering fair policies, it is important to place greater emphasis on the assessment stage: beyond the policy objectives, what must take precedence are the results. Yet this is one of the weak points of policy analysis, either because the policies are recent and assessment at the early stages, or...
2012 - Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

Women and agriculture in Africa

The paper looks at the problems faced by rural African women. It focuses on their role in food production, impediments they face in land tenure, issues they confront in connection to climate change, the global economic system and violent conflicts.
Ethiopia - Kenya - United Republic of Tanzania
2012 - Prague institute for global policy (Glopolis)

Género y Propiedad Rural: Catamarca, Santiago del Estero y Tucumán

Con la convicción de que reflexionar sobre estos temas es abrir la puerta a la necesaria modificación de aspectos muy injustos de nuestra realidad, decidimos propiciar una segunda edición de Género y Propiedad Rural, de modo de acercar a quienes no tuvieron ocasión de leer la primera edición, hoy agotada, esta versión...
2012 - Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR) - Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca de la Nación Argentina
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