Let these six FAO publications help you explore new worlds

Some recommended reading to start your journey this year

Here are some FAO publications to get you started on your reading journey. ©FAO


Books have the capacity to conjure up new worlds and transport you to new places. They help you appreciate new cultures and give you insight into diverse human experiences. Through reading, you can travel to unique corners of the worlds and feel inspired to learn and grow.   

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people turned to reading to cope with anxiety and escape lockdowns. When you can’t travel physically, you can still travel with a book.

This 2023, why not add reading to your list of goals? Need a little motivation? Then here are six FAO highlights to help you get started on your reading journey this year:  

1. The world of automation: The State of Food and Agriculture 2022 (SOFA)

From an ox-drawn plough to the modern tractors, agriculture has reaped the benefits of automation including enhanced productivity and efficient labour allocation. However, mechanization in the past often came with negative impacts on the environment. This is why FAO is exploring the new generation of digital agricultural automation- to address the environmental sustainability challenges in mechanization.

This report analyses the adoption of digital automation technologies in different agricultural production systems. It identifies barriers, such as low digital literacy, access to electricity and financial constraints that prevent small-scale producers from adopting these technologies. Available in six languages, this publication reveals the world of agricultural automation and its contribution to transforming agrifood systems. 

Whether young or old, we can do our part to help create a better world, where no one is left behind. Take simple actions such as avoiding food waste in your everyday life. Left/Top: © FAO/Sonnet Malakaran George/Eva Galvez Nogales. Right/Bottom: ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

2. The better world: FAO and the Sustainable Development Goals

As we start another year, let’s keep aspiring for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Amidst resurgent conflict, climate havoc and social and health crises, it makes it more important than ever to keep sight of these goals as we strive to create a better world for us all.

This publication, available in all six languages and digitally, highlights FAO projects worldwide that work relentlessly for the achievement of these SDGs. You can also do your part by making sustainable decisions in your everyday life, whether it is avoiding food waste or saving electricity.

3. The world where no one is left behind: World Food Day Activity Book

Speaking of taking action, this FAO publication geared towards children and teachers reiterates that you are never too young to be part of the change.

From the food we eat to the environment we share, we are all connected. In this globalized world, climate change, conflict and inequality can exclude groups of people because of who they are and where they live. We can do better.

Dedicated to those who struggle most, this creative and interactive World Food Day Activity Book, available in 10 languages, shows ways people of all ages can contribute and take action.

4. The world of mountain women: Mountain women of the world – Challenges, resilience and collective power

Travel far and wide from the Uluguru Mountains in the United Republic of Tanzania to the mountainous city of Salta, Argentina to meet the guardians of biodiversity. Also the keepers of traditional knowledge, women play a crucial role in environmental protection and development. However, due to discriminatory social norms, rural women face more barriers than men in terms of access to resources and opportunities to raise their voices.

This publication by FAO and its partners highlights stories of mountain women in eight countries. It also offers a path forward to promote their empowerment and help them realize their potential as agents of sustainable mountain development.

Immerse yourself in new cultures with these publications and learn about FAO’s work to achieve the four betters: better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life. ©FAO/Luis Sanchez Diaz

5. The world of food safety: Thinking about the future of food safety

If it isn’t safe, it isn’t food.

Food safety is one of the most important aspects of agrifood systems. To navigate the potential threats, disruptions and challenges in the agrifood systems, food safety is at the forefront.

This FAO publication provides an overview of global trends, such as advances in microbiome science and cases of food fraud, and their implications for food safety. Information on safe and new food sources, which include edible insects, jellyfish and plant-based foods, are also discussed in the report. A digital version is available here.

6. The world below the sea: Fish: know it, cook it, eat it

Let’s get cooking! With seafood products making up a fifth of the animal protein intake for nearly half of the world’s population, there is no global food security without fish.

From an Uzbek carp fry-up to the Indigenous Guyanese tuma pot, this cookbook (also available digitally), presents various fish species and their recipes from around the world. As you try these dishes, learn about their cultural, historical and environmental contexts too!

These publications can take you on a journey to all parts of the world, introducing you to new cuisines and inspiring you to learn more about a plethora of topics. Whether you are a food safety or seafood enthusiast, FAO has a publication for you!

All our digital publications are free and available on our website so start exploring new worlds with these books today.

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