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National legislation

Bahamas Agricultural Health and Food Safety Authority Act 2016 (No. 4 of 2016).

The functions of the Authority include, among others, the monitor of the performance of enforcement agencies (defined) in administering the legislation for which they are responsible and the formulation of strategies and policies on food safety and quality, including procedures for emergency response, and to monitor...

Food Safety and Quality Act 2016 (No. 5 of 2016).

The Act furthermore, among other things: provides for the designation of laboratories, requires food standards to be established by the Bureau of Standards, requires every food operator to establish a food safety system (including HACCP) and a system to trace the origin and movement of...

False Trade Descriptions Act, 2015 (No. 42 of 2015).

This Act defines "false trade description" and provides rules for the applying of trade descriptions to goods. A "trade description' shall include the standard of quality of goods and its classification and fitness for the purposes for which they are sold. The Act also defines offences...

Consumer Protection Act (Cap. 337C).

The Commission shall, among other things: (a) advise the Minister generally in relation to consumer issues; (b) formulate and implement standards in relation to the consumer protection policy; (c) carry out, at the request of a consumer who has been adversely affected, or at its own...

Standards Act (Cap. 338A).

This Act establishes the Bureau of Standards and the Standards Council of the Bureau and provides for the promulgation of standards for goods and services. The Bureau shall promote and encourage the development and maintenance of standards. The Bureau shall formulate for the Minister specifications for...

Food (Seafood Processing and Inspection) (Amendment) Regulations, 2004 (S.I. No. 33 of 2004)

These Regulations amend the Food (Seafood Processing and Inspection) Regulations by: (a) revoking and replacing provisions on the application sphere of the Regulations (making them applicable to commercial fishing vessels; (b) inserting a new regulation (17A) and a new Schedule prescribing hygienic and other requirements...

Food (Seafood Processing and Inspection) Regulations, 2002 (Cap. 236).

These Regulations provide rules relative to the control of seafood intended for export, import and domestic wholesale trade. The Regulations shall not apply to fishing vessels on which freezing is carried out. “Seafood” is defined by these Regulations and shall not include marine mammals or birds....
2002 (2004)

Environmental Health (Fees for Services) Regulations, 1989 (Cap. 232).

These Regulations, made under section 17 the Environmental Health Services Act, prescribe fees in respect of the services set out in the Schedule to these Regulations. Any fee or charge incurred in the performance of any service rendered may be recoverable summarily by the Minister and...

Environmental Health Services Act (Cap. 232).

Part III defines the responsibility of the Minister in respect of promoting and protecting public health and ensuring conservation and maintenance of the environment, provides for the continuance of the Department of Environmental Health Services and the functions of the Department, and provides for the establishment...

Fisheries Resources (Potters Cay Fish Landing Complex) Regulations, 1986.

The Regulations are divided into 17 articles concerning, inter alia: 1) landing of fishery product in New Providence by commercial vessels; 2) sale of fishery product landed in Complex; 3) purchasing of fishery product; 4) use of wharf; 5) landing and docking fees; 6) registration...
1986 (1992)

Import Control (Foods, Plants and Animals) Regulations, 1993 (Cap. 298).

These Regulations, made under section 3 of the Import Control Regulations Act, prohibit the importation of animals (as defined by the Animal Contagious Diseases Act), plant (as defined by the Plants Protection Act) or food (as defined by the Food Act) into The Bahamas except under...
1972 (1993)

Spirits and Beer Manufacture Act [Chapter 373].

This Act provides rules relative to the brewing, sale, supply and possession of beer and spirits. No person may: (a) have or use a still for distilling, rectifying or compounding spirits; (b) brew or make beer or spirits; (c) rectify or compound spirits, without first obtaining...
1963 (1999)

Sale of Merchandise from Vessels (Prohibition) Act (Cap. 279).

This Act declares an offence to sell imported merchandise from vessels, other than a local vessel, while such vessel is in The Bahamas. "Merchandise" includes goods of every description, livestock and agricultural products. ...
1962 (1987)

Import Control Regulations (Cap. 298).

These Regulations implement provisions of the Import Control Regulations Act, by, among other things: empowering the competent authority to make Orders and give instructions and directions as may be necessary for supplementing the provisions of these Regulations and to appoint authorized persons for purposes of these...
1957 (1987)

Spirits and Beer Manufacture Rules [Chapter 373].

These Rules concern responsibilities of persons licensed under the Spirits and Beer Manufacture Act to produce or trade in beer or spirits. The requirements concern premises and storage. The Rules also specify duties of authorised officers with respect to, among other things, quality control. ...
1956 (2001)

Import Control Regulations Act (Cap. 298).

This Act empowers the Minister of Finance to make, by Order, Regulations as he or she may deem expedient for the purpose of controlling the importation into The Bahamas of goods. The Minister may also appoint the competent authority for purposes of enforcing the Regulations made...
1955 (1987)

Public Markets and Slaughterhouses Rules (Cap. 240).

These Rules, made under the Public Market and Slaughterhouse Act, concern the operation of specified public markets and slaughterhouses. The Rules, among other things, specify requirements regarding water supply, hygiene of markets and slaughterhouses and slaughtering of animals and also concern the humane killing of animals...
1952 (1987)

Public Market and Slaughterhouse Act (Cap. 240).

Public markets and slaughterhouses shall be under the control of the Minister and the Minister may grant licences and permits in respect of the sale of food and shall have regulation-making powers in respect of markets and slaughterhouses as specified in this Act. Inspection shall be...
1947 (1987)

Onions (Export) Rules (Cap. 242).

These Rules concern the inspection, grading and packing of onions intended for exportation. No onions shall be exported unless graded and packed by persons licensed to do so by the Minister. A licensee may not grade or pack onions except upon the premises specified in the...
1942 (1987)

Agricultural Products (Tomatoes) Rules.

These Rules concern the inspection, grading and packing of tomatoes intended for exportation. The Minister may provide for the establishment of packing houses at which all tomatoes intended for export shall be graded and packed. Each packing house shall be operated under and controlled by a...
1938 (1987)
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