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National legislation

Grenada Cocoa Association Act (Cap. 128).

This Act establishes the Grenada Cocoa Association as a body corporate, provides with respect to its organization and administration and defines its functions and powers. All persons who grow cocoa for sale and have sold cocoa to the Association for a period of at least one...
1989 (2013)

Banana (Protection and Quality Control) Act (Cap. 24).

This Act appoints the Windward Islands Banana Growers Association as the Banana (Protection and Quality Control) Authority and provides rules with respect to boxing and placing on the market of bananas. The Authority shall: (a) administer and carry out the provisions of this Act; (b) institute...

Banana (Protection and Quality Control) Regulations (Cap. 24).

These Regulations implement provisions of the Banana (Protection and Quality Control) Act in respect of control of and packaging, storage and transportation of bananas for exportation and a licence and relative requirements for the operation of a boxing plant or field packing. All exportable bananas...

Food and Nutrition Council Act (Cap. 111).

This Act establishes the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council as a body corporate and provides with respect to its organization and administration. The functions of the Council shall include: (a) to make recommendations for a national food and nutrition policy; (b) to develop a food and...
1980 (2013)

Dairy Industry Act (Cap. 76).

This Act provides for the establishment of the Grenada Dairy Board as a corporate body, defines its functions, powers and internal organization and regulates various aspects of the dairy industry in Grenada. It shall be the duty of the Board to regulate, control and pormote the...
1968 (1989)

Butchers Act (Cap. 39).

This Act provides for licensing and control of any person who kills or causes to be killed, and sells any animal for and as butcher’s meat. a licence shall be in the Form in the Second Schedule to the Licences Act, Chapter 172. For purposes of...
1958 (1990)

Exportation of Fresh Produce Act, 1998 (Cap. 97).

This Act provides rules for the exportation of fresh produce, i.e. any fruit, nut, vegetable, root crop, flower, plant or other plant material declared by the Minister by Order to be fresh produce. No person shall export fresh produce unless that person has obtained a licence...
1999 (2003)
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