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National legislation

Slaughter of Cattle (Control) Act (Cap. 71:09).

This Act regulates the slaughter of bulls, oxen, steers, cows, heifer or calves. No person shall, without permission from the veterinary officer (defined in section 2) slaughter or cause to be slaughtered any cattle with less than one incisor tooth or any female cattle. In case...
1974 (1997)

Food and Drugs Act (Cap. 34;03).

The 37 sections of this Act are divided into 6 Parts: General (I); Food (II); Drugs (III); Cosmetics (IV); Devices (V); Administration and Enforcement (VI). Part 1 specifies general offences in relation with the offering for sale of food and drugs and empowers the Minister to...

Coconut Products (Control) Act (Cap. 69:05).

This Act concerns the production of specified coconut products. The 20 sections of this Act are divided into 3 Parts: Manufacturers of copra and crude coconut oil producers (I); Duty on coconut products and the keeping of books (II); Miscellaneous (III). A person shall not manufacture...
1936 (1997)

Merchandise Marks Act (Cap. 90:04).

This Act prohibits forgery of a trade mark, false labelling or marking, selling of goods to which false trade marks or descriptions are applied, etc. Section 4 and 5 define forging of a trade mark and applying of false descriptions. Sections 8 to 13 outline the...
1888 (1998)

Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Regulations 2004 (No. 8 of 2004).

The Board shall set maximum permissible concentrations for pesticide residues in foods and animal feed. Where a pesticide is proposed for use on food or feed crops, the applicant must determine whether pesticide residues including residues of any active ingredient, inert ingredient, metabolic or...
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