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The CCASIA Region - Regional Coordinator China

The Coordinating Committee for Asia was established at the 11th Meeting of the Codex Alimentarius Commission held in Rome, Italy, in July 1976. Its first meeting was held in New Delhi (India) in January 1977.

The regional coordinator operates from within the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment.

China’s main priorities as coordinator include enhancing participation in Codex meetings, supporting the prioritization of Codex work in the region, improving harmonization of food safety standards and accelerating the revitalization of the coordinating committee by sharing information and providing regular updates on food safety issues within the region.

China also wishes to promote collaboration with observer organizations and improve efficient and effective communication between regional members FAO, WHO, and the Codex Secretariat.


Noticias de la región

The Food Safety Commission of Japan plans World Food Safety Day Kids Box revamp

For fans of the Food Safety Commission of Japan’s (FSCJ) Kids Box feature, standby for a revamp! The FSJC is planning to introduce new characters to mark World Food Safety Day, so check them out on 7 June at: Kids Box introduces young people to different food safety concepts and gives them age-appropriate information on subjects like allergies, food poisoning and food preservation. The FSCJ Chairperson will has also prepared a video address that will be available on the organization’s Youtube channel:   [...]
06 June 2021

Philippines Food Safety Academy to hold a month of food safety webinars

FoodSHAP, the Food Safety and Hygiene Academy of the Philippines, has organized free Food Safety Webinars for the whole month of June, which are aimed at “consumers at home, in school, and in the tourism and hospitality industry.” Starting on World Food Safety Day itself, there will be four webinars in total, covering arrange of subjects connected to some of the World Food Safety Day calls to action:   7 June  Keep it Safe: Food Business Operators Best Practices to Food Safety with speakers [...]
06 June 2021

China to run a wide-ranging food safety week across the nation

The Chinese government has announced plans to conduct a full range of food safety activities at national and local levels across a whole “food safety promotion week” of fora, lectures and activities. The events, starting on 8 June, will be conducted under the theme “Advocating Thrift and Believing, Guarding Chinese Food under the Sunshine.” The events will explore a variety of topics and approaches, with education and technology playing a central role in many initiatives. National level events include the 12th [...]
04 June 2021

Japan marks World Food Safety Day with 7 days of events

Japan’s Food Safety Management Association (JFSM) is hosting a “7-day challenge” to celebrate World Food Safety Day. Starting on 1 June, the initiative is ongoing, with three events now complete: Day 1 - the #7daysJapanFoodSafetyChallenge was launched with a video message from the President of JFSM Day 2 - a food safety seminar entitled "Food Safety is on the Move! JFS Information useful for the HACCP (legal obligations) and export promotion" was given and made available on Youtube until 14June Day 3 – [...]
04 June 2021

It’s a One Health approach for World Food Safety Day in the Asia and Pacific region

World Food Safety Day in the Asia and Pacific Region will be marked this year by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and World Food Program (WFP) in a joint regional food safety open event. The 3 June virtual event will focus on the “One Health” approach to food safety, which recognizes the connection between the health of people, animals and the [...]
03 June 2021

Zhe Jiang University educates children on food safety, spreading the word to families and changing society

If World Food Safety Day is about spreading information about food safety, then the Zhe Jiang University’s 2020 project must be declared a roaring success. The Department of Food Science and Nutrition team in the College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, Zhe Jiang University, established a “Food Safety Popularization on Campus” project for World Food Safety Day last year, with the aim of educating young people through basic science lectures, micro-class competitions, webcasts, theatrical performances and a free app. Since [...]
01 June 2021

The Republic of Korea celebrates its 20th Food Safety Day

This year, 14 May marked the twentieth annual Food Safety Day in the Republic of Korea. Established to “raise public interest in food safety and promote safety awareness of food-related workers,” the event, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, now extends to two weeks of awareness raising, awards and seminars. The Korean celebrations stand as an example to the newer World Food Safety Day, now in its third year. In a video address recorded for [...]
24 May 2021

World Food Safety Day inspires consolidated action on foodborne illness in Bangladesh

There are few statistics on the burden of foodborne disease in Bangladesh, according to the FAO-implemented programme, “Improving food safety in Bangladesh.” But what we do know is that unsafe food is a widespread and pervasive issue in the country, with diarrhoeal diseases, enteric fever and hepatitis presenting as the most prevalent foodborne diseases. So, the UN’s designation of a World Food Safety Day, to be celebrated annually on 7 June, was a clear signal to Bangladeshi food safety activists [...]
13 May 2021

The Spice Bowl of the World takes up the challenge of a virtual session

The Codex Committee on Spices and Culinary Herbs (CCSCH) began today with a series of virtual sessions running from 20 to 29 April 2021. Welcoming delegates and speaking on behalf of the hosts India, Mr. D. Sathiyan, Secretary of the Spices Board underlined the physical, technological and logistical challenges facing the committee. “It is heartening and encouraging to note that even in the midst of this difficult situation, the Member Countries have shown tremendous interest in the spices and culinary [...]
20 April 2021

FAO team up with Food and Drug Authority in Indonesia to celebrate World Food Safety Day

The National Drugs and Food Authority (BPOM) in Indonesia held a webinar on 10 June entitled "World Food Safety Day: Safe Food in Markets" to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of this UN Day. Those participating included key partners in food safety practice in Indonesia and the keynote address was given by FAO Representative in Indonesia, Stephen Rudgard. Read the full report on the FAO Indonesia website.
07 July 2020

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