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The CCLAC Region - Regional Coordinator Ecuador


In 1976 a Coordinating Committee for Latin America, established by the 10th Codex Alimentarius Commission in 1974, held its first meeting in Rome with eight countries from the region in attendance. At its third session a proposal was made to change the name of the committee to its current form (Coordinating Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean) as this better reflected the membership of the region. In 1984 at its 31st session, the Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the Commission, agreed to this change.

The region of Latin America and the Caribbean is an important actor in the production and trade of food at a global level. The region produces enough food to supply itself and to export, with both water and land resources to produce even more.

The region has enormous natural wealth, a flourishing agricultural industry and a family farming sector that is essential for its population. The promotion and strengthening of food safety must be continued at the level of all regions to guarantee the health of consumers and fair and equitable trade.

The coordinator, Ecuador is based in AGROCALIDAD an agency attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. They aim to create synergies between countries in the region, to provide mutual support in order to overcome regional problems and examine solutions to common challenges.

The coordinator further aims to strengthen collaboration among countries and strengthen the participation of developing countries in the Commission and its subsidiary bodies.


News from the region

In Peru, authorities organize a World Food Safety Day walk to raise awareness

The General Directorate of Environmental Health and Food Safety (DIGESA), of the Ministry of Health (MINSA), culminated its week of educational World Food Safety Day activities with a "Walk and informative fair to raise awareness about the importance of food safety", which began at the DIGESA facilities and ended at the Pedro Ruiz Gallo Park in the District of Lince in Lima, Peru. Various organizations involved in this important issue met at the DIGESA facilities to start the walk, in which, [...]
19 June 2022

School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and PANAFTOSA-VPH-PAHO/WHO launch an awareness campaign

The Escola Dom Cipriano Chagas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in collaboration with PANAFTOSA-VPH-PAHO/WHO launched an awareness campaign to mark the World Food Safety Day last 2nd of June. The School is part of the Favela Orgânica initiative that originated in the Babilônia and Chapéu Mangueira communities in Rio de Janeiro. This initiative aims at teaching children concepts for conscious consumption, healthy gastronomy, homemade composting and family farming. The celebration included lectures on food safety and the five keys for [...]
16 June 2022

A run for food safety in El Salvador

The Salvadoran Agency for Technical Regulation (OSARTEC), an institution that is part of the National Quality Council, responsible for coordinating the participation of El Salvador in the development of International Food Standards emanating from the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission, in celebration of the World Day of Food Safety, carried out a sports event, under the motto "Safe food, better health". This activity was carried out thanks to the support of the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Trust Fund, the PAHO/WHO Representation in El [...]
16 June 2022

Run for food safety in El Salvador

Authorities in El Salvador are organizing a 5km run for World Food Safety Day, to “promote the importance of better health and how safe foods contribute to that goal”. The event will take place on 12 June in the capital San Salvador, starting at the Multiplaza shopping mall. The run is organized in collaboration with the Salvadorean Technical Regulation Organization (OSARTEC), the International Regional Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) office in El Salvador. Prizes will be [...]
12 June 2022

Government of Panama to discuss “safer food, better health” for World Food Safety Day

With the aim of drawing attention and inspiring actions to guarantee food safety and to benefit consumers around the world, the Government of Panama has organized a World Food Safety Day webinar. Discussion will focus on tools that promote food safety and adhere to Codex Alimentarius recommendations while facilitating access to national, regional and international markets. Keynote presentations will come from Spain, Chile and Panama, and will address issues related to food safety worldwide, providing the public with a broad overview of [...]
10 June 2022

Caribbean countries and organizations call for integration, legislation and collaboration on World Food Safety Day

The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), the Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency (CAHFSA) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) co-organized a World Food Safety Day online event that took place on Monday 6 June. Representatives of each agency explained how their organization is involved in ensuring food safety across the subregion and a round table discussion then took place, with contributors from different sectors and different nations of the Caribbean. The event was [...]
09 June 2022

From the field to the table on Costa Rica’s World Food Safety Day

The Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica (MEIC) has produced a video to mark World Food Safety Day this year, with the title “From field to table - the different actors in the production chain”. The video features six people talking about why food safety is important to them. Each person represents a different step in the food production chain. Milk producer, Ivannia Quesada says “quality and food safety is present throughout the entire agro-industrial chain, starting with [...]
08 June 2022

Chile’s food safety and quality agency to produce World Food Safety Day live event

The Agencia Chilena para la Inocuidad y Calidad Alimentaria (the Agency for the Safety and Quality of Food – ACHIPIA), in conjunction with the regional office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Chile, has organized a webinar under the theme of “Food safety and food heritage”. Guests include Paola Alvarez from Red Hortícola, Hilda Cartagena, Agricultural Producer from the Talagante National Beekeeping Network, Cecilia Pastén a goat cheese producer from the Coquímbo region and Patricia [...]
08 June 2022

Great efforts are needed to guarantee the safety of the food on our table

On Tuesday, 1 June a multiagency-webinar took place for World Food Safety Day in the Latin America and Caribbean region. The trilingual event explored ways of ensuring “safer food, better health” for all, and looked at some of the food safety challenges across theregion. The webinar was organized and hosted by the International Regional Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA) and co-organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Inter-American Institute [...]
07 June 2022

Cycle of World Food Safety Day conferences planned for Panama master’s course

Staff and students of the master’s course in chemical sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí in Panama have organized a ‘cycle of conferences’ for World Food Safety Day under the theme of “safer food, better health”. The aim is “to address issues of food safety and sovereignty, food safety and the SDGs, food safety and health research and industrial innovation and agribusiness”. The event will emphasize work done on food safety in the chemistry department of the Faculty of Natural [...]
07 June 2022

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