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Región del CCLAC - Coordinador Regional Ecuador


In 1976 a Coordinating Committee for Latin America, established by the 10th Codex Alimentarius Commission in 1974, held its first meeting in Rome with eight countries from the region in attendance. At its third session a proposal was made to change the name of the committee to its current form (Coordinating Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean) as this better reflected the membership of the region. In 1984 at its 31st session, the Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the Commission, agreed to this change.

The region of Latin America and the Caribbean is an important actor in the production and trade of food at a global level. The region produces enough food to supply itself and to export, with both water and land resources to produce even more.

The region has enormous natural wealth, a flourishing agricultural industry and a family farming sector that is essential for its population. The promotion and strengthening of food safety must be continued at the level of all regions to guarantee the health of consumers and fair and equitable trade.

The coordinator, Ecuador is based in AGROCALIDAD an agency attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. They aim to create synergies between countries in the region, to provide mutual support in order to overcome regional problems and examine solutions to common challenges.

The coordinator further aims to strengthen collaboration among countries and strengthen the participation of developing countries in the Commission and its subsidiary bodies.


Noticias de la región

Ecuador food safety and quality control company to host World Food Safety Day webinars

QFS (Quality Food Safety) Corporation in Ecuador is organizing a week-long series of World Food Safety Day webinars aimed at “focusing on best practices and safety processes to prevent foodborne illness and to ensure consumers [can access] safe and healthy food”. Date & time: 6-10 June 16:00 - 18:00 Ecuador time (23:00 7 June – 01:00 8 June CEST) Register here: Read more:  
06 June 2022

Costa Rica to host World Food Safety Day webinar

Costa Rica’s Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Commerce will host a World Food Safety Day webinar on 6 June, under the theme of “Safer food, better health”. The event will include three discussions, each of which will be followed by a question-and-answer session. The first discussion will look at “surveillance of mycotoxins”, with Alejandra Acosta and Andrea Brenes Soto from the Animal Nutrition Research Center (CINA) at the University of Costa Rica, and will be moderated by Ana Cristina Briones from [...]
06 June 2022

The Salvadorian Agency for Technical Regulation (OSARTEC) works with universities to spread World Food Safety Day messages

The Salvadoran Agency for Technical Regulation (OSARTEC) as Contact Point for the Codex Alimentarius in El Salvador has coordinated with the national academic sector to raise awareness about food safety. The efforts involved the development of multimedia content in celebration of World Food Safety Day, which highlighted the importance of food safety and its benefits at the national level. More than fifty students from the following universities participated in this activity. All these students are pursuing food careers. They shared the [...]
05 June 2022

Local food safety expo planned in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Agricultural Health and Food Safety Authority (BAHFSA) is planning World Food Safety Day events starting on 4 June at the Marathon Mall. The local event will involve a showcase of poster finalists, free “health checks”, a food safety display and “prizes and surprises”. This all-day event is the first of a series of events planned to raise awareness about food safety in the Bahamas, leading up to World Food Safety Day itself on 7 June. Date & time: 4 June [...]
04 June 2022

Sustainable School Programme in Bahia, Brazil, will host a school celebration

The Public Ministry of the state of Bahia, Brazil, and its Sustainable School Programme will organize a World Food Safety Day celebration in partnership with the City Hall of Santaluz City. Sustainable School Programme is an institutional initiative to promote the Brazilian school feeding programme with the focus on promoting food safety, food security and to combat malnutrition and childhood obesity, targeted toward working in compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The event will happen at CENOS public school and [...]
03 June 2022

Peru government plans educational programme for World Food Safety Day

The Ministry of Health of Peru (MINSA), through the General Directorate of Environmental Health and Food Safety (DIGESA) has organized a "Virtual Educational Day for World Food Safety Day in Peru" in conjunction with the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, through the National Agricultural Health Service of Peru (SENASA), and the Ministry of Production, through the National Fisheries Health Agency (SANIPES). The event will include the participation of  the National Institute of Quality (INACAL) the Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users [...]
01 June 2022

World Food Safety Day in Latin America and the Caribbean Region 2022

In view of the continuous challenges for food safety, the international and regional organizations of OIRSA, FAO, PAHO/PANAFTOSA, IICA, and the CCLAC coordination join forces, for the second consecutive year, to celebrate the World Food Safety Day with a webinar to raise awareness of food safety risks and emphasize the importance of eating safe food for better health.  The topics to be discussed are early warning systems, updates on MRLs for pesticides and alerts for contaminants in fruits and vegetables, food [...]
01 June 2022

Codex Trust Fund / El Salvador and Guatemala web seminar for Codex Contact Points

The Codex Trust Fund supports more effective engagement of developing and transition economy countries in the Codex system. Participants including government officials, private sector, academia and consumer groups from El Salvador and Guatemala took part in a web training on 15 and 17 March 2022 to learn from neighbouring countries in the region, Chile and Costa Rica, good practices for efficient management of a Codex Contact Point. Read the full story on the Salvadoran Technical Regulatory Agency OSARTEC website Learn more about the [...]
18 March 2022

New food sources and production / Codex vice-chair Diego Varela learns about plant-based food

On Tuesday 15 February 2022, Diego Varela, Vice-Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, visited NotCo, Chile, to learn at firsthand how plant-based products are created. NotCo was established in 2015 and aims to make plant based food look, smell, taste and function like animal based ones. The company uses artificial intelligence to decide how to combine plants to replicate the flavour and texture of animal products whilst maintaining their taste, feel and function. Diego Varela (left) talks to NotCo staff during [...]
24 February 2022

El Salvador / Inicia elaboración de Plan Anual del Programa Nacional del Codex 2022

El Punto de Contacto Codex El Salvador, representado por el Organismo Salvadoreño de Reglamentación Técnica OSARTEC, en seguimiento a la suscripción del Plan Estratégico del Programa Nacional del Codex 2022-2024 realizado en septiembre de 2021, está desarrollando el “Taller de Elaboración del Plan Anual del Programa Nacional del Codex 2022”. El objetivo del Taller, es la discusión y aportes a la Propuesta del Plan Anual del Programa Nacional del Codex 2022 con los sectores gubernamental, privado, academia y consumidor. Del esfuerzo [...]
30 November 2021

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