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The CCNE Region - Regional Coordinator Saudi Arabia

In 1999 the 23rd session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission established the Regional Coordinating Committee for the Near East, bringing together countries in the Near East Region (for FAO) and the Eastern Mediterranean Region (for WHO). The committee held its first meeting in Cairo, Egypt in 2001.

The current regional coordinator for the Near East is based in the Saudi Food and Drug Authority in Riyadh.

The coordinator’s goals in leading the region in Codex include developing and strengthening Codex Contact Points and National Codex Committees as well as improving communication and coordination amongst CCNE members, with other regions and the Codex Secretariat.

A further objective is to develop the exchange of scientific and technical expertise amongst experienced and less experienced countries in the region.

The coordinator aims to promote the use of Codex standards as a basis for national legislation and regulations and continue work developing and reviewing Codex standards taking into account regional interests.


News from the region

Save the Children in Lebanon to livestream on Facebook for World Food Safety Day

Save the Children in Lebanon is inviting people to attend a Facebook live event for World Food Safety Day. The event will involve the organization’s food security and livelihood coordinator, Yara Sleiman, who will discuss food storage and food safety tips for families with children and pregnant and lactating mothers. Date & time: 7 June 13:00 (12:00 CEST) Join the event
07 June 2022

Saudi Arabia symposium on food safety planned for World Food Safety Day

A team of Food Professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has planned World Food Safety Day related symposium in the three cities, Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam. This event will be the first of its kind in the Kingdom and attracting food professional from the industry, academia and local regulatory bodies. The event will be free of cost to enrol and attend. The symposia will start at 0900 hours and finish at 1600 hours as it is a full day event. There will be [...]
07 June 2022

Ahmed M. Elhelw 1985 - 2022

The Codex Secretariat has learned of the untimely passing of the former Codex Contact Point for Egypt, Ahmed M. Elhelw. The Regional Coordinator for the Near East (CCNE), Khalid S. Al Zhrani, Saudi Arabia said: “Ahmed was like an energy station of the CCNE family. With his presence, he would light us all up with positivity. His contribution to my life as a guide, and to the Codex family as an active Member will always be appreciated.” Ahmed held a bachelor degree [...]
04 June 2022

The Ministry of Public Health of Qatar organizes several World Food Safety Day activities

The Ministry of Public Health of Qatar marked World Food Safety Day, which falls on 7 June, under the theme “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow", and slogan "Food Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility." On this occasion, the Ministry organized a number of activities and events, including: Virtual Workshops Three workshops targeting family-run businesses over three days on: Introduction to Food Safety -Types of food contamination and sources Types of bacteria and where they’re found in food (e.g. Salmonella, E. Coli , Staphylococcus, Listeria and [...]
12 August 2021

The United Arab Emirates’ food safety measures highlighted in World Food Safety Day event

The Dubai municipality hosted a virtual World Food Safety Day symposium on 7 June where national and local municipal efforts were showcased. The virtual event also brought together food safety professionals, food safety training providers and government officials from across the Emirates in a discussion on relevant topics, with speakers also from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). For FAO, Senior Food Safety Officer, Catherine Bessy, gave a presentation [...]
02 July 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health tweets ‘five commandments’ of food safety

In a series of tweets, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has joined in the World Food Safety Day celebrations, with some illustrative animations, tips on food safety and advice for the general public. The 7 June tweets start with general messages observing that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant “the world has been through great changes” and as a consequence, people are cooking at home a lot more than they would beforehand. The ministry was therefore offering some advice on how to [...]
17 June 2021

Saudi Food and Drug Authority celebrates World Food Safety Day 2021

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) participated in the celebration of World Food Safety Day through a series of events and activities under the theme “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.” In a video address, Dr Hisham Al-Jadhey, CEO of the SFDA, stated that “Foodborne diseases annually cause 420,000 deaths worldwide”. He emphasized “today the whole world celebrates the World Food Safety Day, because ensuring food safety along the food chain affects food safety, human health, increases economic prosperity, [...]
14 June 2021

Codex Near East region discusses World Food Safety Day activities

The Codex Committee for the Near East (CCNE) convened a meeting on 7 June to discuss World Food Safety Day, its importance and events being organized in Member Countries. The meeting was an initiative of CCNE coordinator, Saudi Arabia, who provided a presentation about food safety and World Food Safety Day. The session involved discussions about the importance of the role of food safety organizations around the world to keep food safe for a healthier future for all. Members shared their [...]
11 June 2021

Webinar hosted by KAUST university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to focus on good analytical practices in food safety

KAUST Community Life Food Safety and KAUST Research are contributing to the development of the Middle East and North Africa Section of the Association of Official Analytical Collaboration (AOAC INTERNATIONAL), the leading organization for the standardization of food analytical methods worldwide. Through this developing partnership and its participation in the University Taskforce of AOAC International, KAUST is promoting and propagating best practices in food analytical science, which will be highlighted as part of the collective celebration of this year’s World Food [...]
10 June 2021

Food quality manager in Iran to use Instagram to promote World Food Safety Day

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ms F D Nassiri, a food quality manager with 12 years’ experience, has decided to conduct a solo food safety campaign for World Food Safety Day. Please support her efforts by following her Farsi-language food safety posts and advice at @foodsafetybyfdn !!
05 June 2021
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