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Comité del Codex sobre Residuos de Plaguicidas
26/06/2023 - 01/07/2023 | Beijing, China

The 54th Session of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR54) will take place in physical mode from 26 June – 1 July 2023.
The Session will be broadcast in listening mode in English, French, and Spanish through Zoom here.

Practical information for delegates attending CCPR54 is now available for download (English only).
Hotel registration forms are available as follows:

  • Kunlun Beijing
  • Beijing Landmark Hotel

    All delegates participating in the plenary session should provide their information (names and addresses) through the Codex Online Registration System (ORS) by accessing the Login on the Codex website, as soon as possible.
    Login and password for online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Contact Points of Observer Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact [email protected].


    Plenary session is broacasted in English, French and Spanish through Zoom here.

    On-site registration

    See the Information for Delegates above, and the Invitation that was sent to all Codex members and observers through their Codex contact points.

    A tentative timetable will be available for advance notice of Codex members and observers participating in the plenary session.
    The timetable remains flexible to be adjusted according to the progress made on the different items of the Provisional Agenda and as such it remains as an advisory document to guide the discussion over plenary session.

    The following meetings of WGs will be held to facilitate the consideration and resolution of the matters raised in the relevant working papers by CCPR. Participation of Codex members is therefore of importance.The meetings run over time into the timeslot for the next meeting. Specific times allocated to each WG is therefore not indicated and remain flexible within the single time slot allocated to them.
    The meetings will be conducted in English only.
    Click here to register to attend the meetings of the WGs. Registration is open to Codex Members and Observers organizations.

    Update 20/6/2023

    Wednesday 21 June (13:00 – 16:00 CEST)

  • Coordination of work between CCPR and CCRVDF: Compounds with dual use as pesticide and veterinary drugs – harmonization of risk management and assessment practices for the establishment of harmonized/single MRLs for foods of animal origin Codex members and observers are kindly invited to coordinate between their plant protection and veterinary offices when considering the recommendations of the Joint Working Group and the 26th Session of the Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods. This would facilitate discussions in the virtual meeting and would assist CCPR in building consensus on the recommendations put forward by the WG, and agreements made by CCRVDF26, for the continuous progression of this work in the Joint WG and in support of coordination of work on this matter between CCPR and CCRVDF.

  • Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed The revision of the Classification and corresponding tables of representative commodities are expected to be finalized at this session of CCPR. Codex members and observers are kindly invited to work in a spirit of compromise to make consensus-based recommendations for consideration by CCPR to conclude work on this item.

  • Thursday 22 June (13:00 – 16:00 CEST)

  • Management of unsupported compounds without public health concerns scheduled for periodic review Codex members and observers kindly invited to work constructively to make recommendations for consideration by CCPR to finalize Section 1 (management approach) and Section 2 (information on options available to facilitate the implementation of the management approach) to support work on priorities and national registration of pesticides for the periodic review of unsupported compounds with no public health concern.

    Circular Letters

    The list of CLs relevant to CCPR54 is available from "Related Circular Letters”.

    JMPR Reports

    The report of the regular meeting of the Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues that took place in September 2022 is available from the FAO and WHO websites to inform comments on CL 2023/22-PR concerning MRL recommendations arising from this Meeting (Agenda Item 6) and as background information for matters for consideration under Agenda Items 5(a) and 5(b). JMPR reports are available in English only.

    Working Documents

    Documents for consideration by CCPR54 will be published on this page as soon as they become available. They will be available in English, French and Spanish. Some working documents may be available in English or original language only. CRDs will be kept in original language. No printed copies of working documents will be made available for the plenary session.

    In-session Working Groups

    The presentations for the In-Session Working Group on CCPR/JMPR Enhancements are available here (PPT1, PPT2)


    The draft report will be available in English, French and Spanish. Appendices will be available in English only. The draft report and appendices will not be printed but will be made available online.

    Chair's letter



    Documentos relacionados

    TemaDescripciónFecha de carga
    Documento de referencia
    7.1Revisión de la Clasificación de alimentos y piensos: Categoría B – Productos alimenticios primarios de origen animal y Categoría E - Alimentos elaborados de origen animal (todos los tipos) (en el trámite 4)27/04/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/6
    7.2Revisión de la Clasificación de alimentos y piensos: Cuadros con ejemplos de productos representativos para grupos de productos en diferentes tipos de las categorías B y E (en el trámite 4)27/04/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/7
    7.4Revisión de la Clasificación de alimentos y piensos: Parte del producto a la que se aplican los LMR y que se analiza para el Grupo 006 “Frutas tropicales y subtropicales variadas de piel no comestible” y el Grupo 023 “Semillas oleaginosas”27/04/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/8
    7.5Revisión de la Clasificación de alimentos y piensos: Comparación de CXG 41-1993 (Directrices sobre la parte de los productos a la que se aplican los LMR y que se analiza) con CXA-4-1989 (Clasificación de alimentos y piensos)27/04/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/9
    9.1Gestión de los compuestos no apoyados que no plantean preocupaciones en materia de salud pública calendarizados para la revisión periódica28/04/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/11
    13.1Mejora de los procedimientos operativos del CCPR y la JMPR03/05/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/15
    12.1Seguimiento de la pureza y la estabilidad del material de referencia certificado (MRC) de plaguicidas de múltiples clases durante el almacenamiento prolongado08/05/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/14
    8.1Coordinación del trabajo entre el CCPR y el CCRVDF: Grupo de trabajo conjunto CCPR/CCRVDF sobre compuestos de doble uso: Información sobre el estado del trabajo 08/05/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/10
    4.1Asuntos planteados por la FAO y la OMS23/05/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/3
    10Registros nacionales de plaguicidas23/05/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/12
    4.2Asuntos planteados por otras organizaciones internacionales30/05/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/4
    11Establecimiento de los calendarios y listas de prioridades del Codex en materia de plaguicidas para evaluación o reevaluación por la JMPR01/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/13
    2Asuntos remitidos al CCPR por la Comisión del Codex Alimentarius u otros órganos auxiliares08/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/2(REV)
    1Programa provisional29/03/2023
    CX/PR 22/53/1
    101División de las Competencias entre la Unión Europea y sus Estados miembros14/06/2023
    0Report of the 54th Session of CCPR15/08/2023
    6.1MRLs for pesticides in food and feed (at Steps 7 and 4)07/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/5
    9.2Comments in reply to CL 2023/37-PR13/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/11-Add.1
    8.2Comments in reply to CL 2023/36-PR 13/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/10-Add.1
    12.2Comments in reply to CL 2023/38-PR14/06/2023
    CX/CF 23/16/14-Add.1
    7.6Comments in reply to CL 2023/PR-3518/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/8-Add.1
    13.2Comments in reply to CL 2023/39-PR18/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/15-Add.1
    7.3Comments at Step 3 in reply to CL 2023/34-PR18/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/6-Add.1
    103Report of the EWG Chairs on the revision of the Classification of Food and Feed (Agenda Items 7a/b) 20/06/2023
    104Report of the EWG Chairs on the revision of the Classification of Food and Feed20/06/2023
    105Report of the EWG Chair on Management of Unsupported Compounds20/06/2023
    114Comments by Ecuador14/06/2023
    113Comments by Nigeria20/06/2023
    112Comments by Senegal14/06/2023
    110Comments by Philippines14/06/2023
    109Comments by the United Republic of Tanzania14/06/2023
    108Report of the Joint CCPR/CCRVDF VWG 22/06/2023
    6.2Comments at Step 3 in reply to CL 2023/22-PR 13/06/2023
    CX/PR 23/54/5Add.1
    121Comments by Peru14/06/2023
    116Comments by Thailand20/06/2023
    117Comments by CropLife International20/06/2023
    118Comments by Ghana14/06/2023
    120Comments by Uruguay14/06/2023
    119Comments by Egypt20/06/2023
    122Comments by the Republic of Korea14/06/2023
    123Comments by Indonesia14/06/2023
    107Report of the EWG Chair on Management of Unsupported Compounds 23/06/2023
    124Comments by India14/06/2023
    125Comments by Morocco14/06/2023
    126Comments by China25/06/2023
    128Comments submitted by IFU14/06/2023
    127Reconsideration of the Classification of Okra in the Classification of Food and Animal Feeds14/06/2023
    106Report of the EWG Chairs on the revision of the Classification14/06/2023
    129Comments by Guatemala26/06/2023
    130Comments by AGROCARE LATINOAMÉRICA26/06/2023
    131Comments by United Arab Emirates14/06/2023
    115Comments by Brazil20/06/2023
    201Statement from Australia on Russia’s actions in Ukraine21/06/2023
    203Statement from Canada Concerning Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine14/06/2023
    202Statement of the European Union and its Member states on the Russian aggression against Ukraine22/06/2023
    204Statement from the United States regarding Russia's unprovoked war against Ukraine14/06/2023
    111Comments by the European Union27/06/2023
    CRD11 REV.1
    132Proposal for new work on guidance for monitoring the purity and stability of reference material of multi-class pesticides during prolonged storage 28/06/2023
    102Establishment of Codex schedules and priority lists of pesticides for evaluation by JMR 28/06/2023
    205Statement from New Zealand on Russia’s actions in Ukraine20/06/2023
    133Comments by Guyana14/06/2023
    134Comments by Uganda14/06/2023
    206All files zip collection