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01/09/2019 - 19/06/2020 | 通信,


As agreed by 42nd Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC42) (2019), CCPFV will work by correspondence and assess whether a physical meeting in 2020 would be appropriate

Lead Host Country: United States of America

Email for registration: [email protected], [email protected] copy to [email protected]

Working by correspondence through an online platform. Link:
, Usergroup name : CCPFV29

Deadline for registration to the online platform: comments: 15 December 2019

Language : English, French, Spanish


Documents are available in English, French and Spanish in the table here below.


1Provisional Agenda27/09/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/1
3.1Conversion of Regional Standard for Gochujang to Worldwide Standard (Step 4)10/10/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/3
4.1Conversion of Regional Standard for Chili Sauce to Worldwide Standard (Step 4)10/10/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/4
5.1Proposed revision to the Standard for Mango Chutney (CXS 160-1987)10/10/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/5
6.1Proposed draft General Standard for Dried Fruits (Step 4)10/10/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/6
7.1Proposed draft General Standard for Canned Fruit Salads (Step 4)10/10/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/7
9Responses to matters referred from CCMAS3826/09/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/9
8Responses to matters referred from CCFA, including matters from CCFA49 and CCFA5026/09/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/8
2.1Matters referred to the Committee by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and/or its subsidiary bodies18/11/2019
CX/PFV 19/29/2
101Division of Competence between the EU and its Member States30/01/2020
Report of the 29th Session of the CCPFV29/07/2020
3.2Comments on the proposed draft standard for gochujang02/12/2019
CX/PFV 19/ 29/3 Add.1
7.2Comments on the proposed draft General Standard for Canned Fruit Salads02/12/2019
CX/PFV 19/ 29/7 Add.1
6.2Comments on the proposed draft general standard for dried fruits02/12/2019
CX/PFV 19/ 29/6 Add.1
5.2Comments on the proposed draft standard for mango chutney02/12/2019
CX/PFV 19/ 29/5 Add.1
4.2Comments on the proposed draft standard for chile sauce02/12/2019
CX/PFV 19/ 29/4 Add.1
102Comments of Japan on agenda item 402/01/2020
2.2Matters referred to the Committee by CCLAC07/01/2020
CX/PFV 19/29/2 Add.1
103All files zip collection