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Only when we work together can we achieve safer food for better health

For World Food Safety Day this year, the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests published information about the Day in national newspapers and on social media to raise awareness, with the reminder that “Only when we work together can we achieve safer food for better health.” The information explains this year’s World Food Safety Day theme, outlines the key messages and provides some facts & figures about foodborne disease. This was an opportunity to [...]
27 June 2022

Report of HACCP Academy Nigeria World Food Safety Day celebrations

For three consecutive years, the HACCP Academy Nigeria (HAN) have celebrated World Food Safety Day in Nigeria. This year 2022, HAN commenced a week of celebrations on 1 June with a visit to a farm. “It is our belief that 40-50% of food-related problems occur between the farm, transportation, storage and handling,” a spokesperson said. Subsequent activities included: Day 2 - a visit to a logistics company. Day 3 – a visit to a public secondary school, where students were sensitized on the [...]
26 June 2022

World Food Safety Day in Malaysia

In conjunction with the 2022 World Food Safety Day (WFSD), Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) through the Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQD) together with the Malaysia Food Safety Association (MAFSA) collaborated with food delivery service companies (p-hailing) to increase food safety awareness, especially food purchase online. During the WFSD2022 launching event, over 40 food delivery riders from various p-hailing company were flagged off to carry the WFSD2022 messages “Safer Food, Better Health” to consumers. The collaboration also aimed to [...]
26 June 2022

World Food Safety Day Celebration 2022 in Qatar

Reiterating its commitment to food safety standards, GWC celebrated the 2022 edition of World Food Safety Day (WFSD) by organizing an interactive training and awareness sessions for its employees highlighting this year’s theme: “Safer Food, Better Health” this 7 June, 2022, in Logistics Village Qatar(LVQ) and various sites such as Street 15, Street 41 and LVQ15K facilities. The training sessions and food safety activities emphasized how safe food is a shared responsibility between producers, governments, importers, retailers, and every person who handles food [...]
26 June 2022

Two-day Food Safety Day fair conducted with the theme “Food Safety for Better Health”

Food can be contaminated by pathogens, hazardous chemicals or through unsafe human practices that are known as adulterations. Unsafe food is accounted for more than 200 diseases around the world. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 600 million – _or 1 in 10 people in the world – _fall ill after eating contaminated food and 420 000 die every year. Timor Leste stands in a peculiar place when it comes to food safety. The nation has no food [...]
26 June 2022

Quality assurance company in Ghana celebrates World Food Safety Day

In Ghana, for World Food Safety Day, the quality assurance consultancy Safeforia produced educational material and a video for dissemination on social media. For this campaign, the company produced a series of social media cards, each one with a call to action aimed at a different sector of society. Their message to consumers was: “Contribute by practicing safe food handling like washing of hands with potable water before cooking and after visiting the toilet, washing food well before cooking, keeping foods [...]
23 June 2022

Students at Macau University of Science and Technology spread the knowledge on World Food Safety Day

Students at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) have set about educating people about food safety by producing leaflets and videos for World Food Safety Day. They produced two videos. In the first, they tested attitudes to food safety among young people in a food market, asking questions such as “Have you ever paid attention to the information on food packaging?”, “Do you know the meaning of the triangles and squares on plastic packaging?” and “Do you think food [...]
23 June 2022

Employee training at Brazilian food processing company improves food safety awareness

On World Food Safety Day, a food marketing and distribution company, Via Rovigo, based in the city of Sertãozinho, São Paulo in Brazil, devised a range of activities and actions to improve food safety awareness within the company’s facilities. The day was widely promoted throughout the facility and informational posters and a “food safety tips board” were also displayed. Following a World Food Safety Day toast to start the celebration, employees were introduced to some fun activities involving gouache paint and [...]
23 June 2022

South-West Pacific region creates local hub in Canberra for CCEXEC82

The 82nd meeting of the Codex Executive Committee (CCEXEC) is being held virtually from 20 to 30 June 2022. However, representatives from the South West Pacific region met in person ahead of the meeting to prepare for and participate in the meeting from a single location. The Regional Coordinator for CCNASWP, Vinesh Kumar from Fiji, accompanied by Fiji’s Codex Contact Point, Susana Levula, travelled to Canberra, Australia, to join the Member for the South West Pacific, Tekon Timothy Tumukon of Vanuatu [...]
23 June 2022

World Food Safety Day in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Food Safety Foundation (BFSF), together with the Bangladesh Supermarket Owner’s Association (BOSA) and the Sabuj Somaj Unnayon Sanstha (SUSS), observed World Food Safety Day 2022. The Bangladesh Food Safety Foundation (BFSF) and the Bangladesh Supermarket Owner’s Association (BOSA) are the first two organizations in Bangladesh that have been observing World Food Safety Day since 2019. However, in this year an additional four public and civil society organizations also observed the Day. The three organisations, BFSF, BOSA and SUSS observed the [...]
23 June 2022