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Hungary’s Food Chain Safety Office prevents pain with its World Food Safety Day video


Staff at Hungary’s National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) have produced a humorous video to drum home a central message of World Food Safety Day: that failing to wash your hands when handling food can lead to discomfort and illness.

The video was created by the communication staff of the Nébih office, with one colleague becoming inspired by a popular ‘meme’ character in Hungary, by the name of Harold. ‘Harold’ is actually an electrical engineer by the name of András Arató, who, some 12 years ago, wanted to earn some extra money by modelling for ‘stock’ photos. But his pained expression led to his image going viral under the ‘meme’ message ‘Hide the pain, Harold.’ The Nébih communications employee had the brainwave of asking Arató to star in their food safety video, entitled ‘Prevent the pain, Harold.’

The production of the video took 11 weeks from storyboard to finalization and is now available in multiple languages and across all of Nébih’s social media platforms. Most importantly, Nébih staff are confident they have achieved their aim of getting people to understand the importance of washing your hands.

Prevent the pain, Harold!

In addition to the video, for World Food Safety Day Nébih has also produced a new cookbook “to lovers of conscious baking and cooking,” which includes recipes from Chef József Bernáth, food safety tips, dietary advice and ideas on how to cook with leftovers.


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