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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health tweets ‘five commandments’ of food safety


In a series of tweets, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has joined in the World Food Safety Day celebrations, with some illustrative animations, tips on food safety and advice for the general public.

The 7 June tweets start with general messages observing that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant “the world has been through great changes” and as a consequence, people are cooking at home a lot more than they would beforehand. The ministry was therefore offering some advice on how to keep food safe at home.

Echoing the ‘five keys to safer food’ promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Saudi Ministry of Health sent a chain of messages starting with “Here we learn about the five commandments to ensure food safety” and subsequently tweeted about washing hands, surfaces and equipment, separating cooked and raw foods, cooking food thoroughly, storing food at safe temperatures and ensuring use of clean water. The tweets were also accompanied by short, animated videos that encapsulate some of these ‘keys.’

See the Ministry twitter feed here:

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