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Three webinars on Codex and food safety for Latin America and the Caribbean


Three webinars for Latin America and the Caribbean will be held in 2023 to strengthen the implementation of Codex standards.  The webinar on future challenges in food safety will be held in April, followed by the webinar on the application of Codex standards (regional experiences) in July, and the webinar on food safety under the One Health approach will take place in October. 

“The growing population worldwide, the increase in food demand, and the consequent growth of the food industry added to global health risks, demonstrate the importance of incorporating food safety into national policies and the need to strengthen national food safety systems. We believe that these webinars will be helpful to share experiences and lessons learned from each other in the context of Codex standards and their role in strengthening the food safety system,” said Marisa Caipo, FAO Food Safety Officer, the Regional Office of Latin America and the Caribbean.  

The Phyto and Zoosanitary Regulation and Control Agency of Ecuador (AGROCALIDAD), representing Ecuador as Chairman of the Codex Coordinating Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (CCLAC), and the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (FAO RLC), under the project Action to support implementation of Codex AMR Texts (ACT), offer a series of virtual seminars to promote the application of Codex Alimentarius standards to strengthen national food safety systems.   

The seminar on the future challenges in food safety will be held on 28 April 2023, in English and Spanish, 10:00 - 12:00 GMT-5.  Eleonora Dupouy, FAO Food Safety and Quality Officer will talk about the global challenges in food safety; Nathalie Gibson, Acting Technical Director for Food Safety, Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA), and Claudia Guzman, Codex Contact Point in El Salvador, will share their plans and insights to address those challenges. 

Other webinars planned for this year: 

Implementation of Codex standards (regional experiences) - 7 July 2023  

Food safety under the One Health approach – 6 October 2023 

To register and review the materials from previous webinars please go to the event website in English ( and in Spanish (