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World Food Safety Day/ Brazilian research group to hold webinar


The Brazilian Research Group, Risk and Resilience in Food Safety – “GERRSAL” of the Universidade Federal de São Paulo will host a webinar to celebrate World Food Safety Day 2024.

GERRSAL has invited Brazilian universities, agencies, organizations, and foundations to celebrate together, motivating these institutions to promote actions on World Food Safety Day and to participate in a webinar on the afternoon of 7 June. The webinar will involve institutions from different regions of the country to unite in the discussion, which will be based on this year's World Food Safety Day theme, "Food Safety: Prepare for the Unexpected."

The webinar is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and food safety professionals.

Date: 7 June 2024
Time: 14:00–16:30 Brazil time (19:00–21:30 CEST)
Register/more information here: Register
Contact: [email protected]

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