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Take part in survey on good practices in feed industry


FAO, the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) and the Standard Trade and Development Facility (STDF) invite inputs on knowledge and use of the FAO/IFIF Manual of Good Practice for the Feed Industry

This 2010 manual, a guide for managers of feedmills and the feed industry as a whole, provides comprehensive information and practical guidelines for compliance with regulatory frameworks in response to the Codex Alimentarius Code of Practice on Good Animal Feeding.

The application of this Code was an important step for the expansion of international trade in feed products as well as in products of animal origin. Both food exporting and importing countries could benefit from a more level playing field to support the trade of safe food products.

Deadline 18th December 2016
Duration 5-10 minutes


Those who reply to the survey can receive, on request, free copies of the manual, available in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese). Please send your request to [email protected], specifying you postal address, the number of copies desired and the language.

Your feedback will be highly appreciated and please, be ensured that your answers will be handled confidentially. 

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