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World Food Safety Day celebrated by airline caterers


The LSG Group celebrated World Food Safety Day with various activities happening at LSG Sky Chefs facilities around the world. Celebrations were held everywhere, and employees not only highlighted the importance of this issue, but also showed their commitment.

Operating in airline catering, food safety is at the core of what LSG Group does. "By following legal standards and our company food standards we provide safe products to our customers. By guaranteeing every day anew that our food is safe, we earn this trust," said Erdmann Rauer, Chief Executive Officer of the LSG Group. "We used the day to put food safety front and centre, with a variety of promotions to draw attention to why it's so important."

In addition to the World Food Safety Day promotion materials provided by FAO and WHO, which were used for canteen displays, videos and speeches at many sites, this year's focus was also on hand-washing hygiene. Using a special Glow-Germ gel, employees were able to see whether their hands were really clean after washing. Within a special campaign channel on the company's internal employee platform, employees shared their views on this and uploaded pictures from the on-site celebration.

"Celebration of the World Food Safety Day is becoming a tradition and a part of our company's food safety culture. It reaffirms our commitment towards continual improvement and adherence to the best practices," explained Canan Mendes, Head of Global Food Safety and Compliance. Vanessa Walz, Director Food Safety, added: "It was great to see the high commitment of the employees. So many posted photos and even videos from their facilities, so we are very happy with the campaign and really made a difference. We'll be back again next year for sure!"


Photo © LSG Sky Chefs