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Poland-based FoodFakty will host a 5-day eFORUM


Food Safety Culture Initiative PL invites you to a series of eFORUM webinars under the common title - FoodFakty Safety Week

The subject of the week-long programme is inspired by the topics highlighted in the FAO-WHO World Food Safety Day materials. Each of the topics will be discussed during a dedicated, daily webinar.

Invited are representatives of major players in the food market, including industry experts, representatives of institutions and science, as well as food industry suppliers to give voice to wide range of organizations and perspectives.

The purpose of the meetings is to exchange knowledge and share the latest achievements and benefits resulting from the application of the highest organizational and technological standards in the area of food safety management.

Date and time:

Each eFORUM will start at 12:00 from Monday 7 June to Friday 11 June

The current programme:

7 June - Food safety culture - the role and approach of individual organizations in ensuring the safety of the food chain

8 June - Grow safely - Sustainable development, European Green Deal

9 June-Take care of safety -Hygiene, research, new technologies, packaging for food safety

10 June-Eat safe: Food shelf life, nutritional value, labeling, ingredients

11 June-Join forces for safety -Food safety control in the food chain, tracking, risk of adulteration

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About the FoodFakty project - established in 2017, from the very beginning created to support the development of the Food Safety Culture in Poland. The project is open to all interested organizations. Its goal is to provide food industry professionals with the latest reliable information on legal regulations, food safety risks, technology development and many other important elements supporting food industry managers in their daily work.

If you are interested to join the event as a speaker, please contact: [email protected]