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Webinar hosted by KAUST university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to focus on good analytical practices in food safety


KAUST Community Life Food Safety and KAUST Research are contributing to the development of the Middle East and North Africa Section of the Association of Official Analytical Collaboration (AOAC INTERNATIONAL), the leading organization for the standardization of food analytical methods worldwide.

Through this developing partnership and its participation in the University Taskforce of AOAC International, KAUST is promoting and propagating best practices in food analytical science, which will be highlighted as part of the collective celebration of this year’s World Food Safety Day.
Please join us to celebrate World Food Safety Day, which is marked annually on June 7, and is dedicated this year to the importance of food analytical practices as a pre-requisite to ensuring access to safe and quality food and agri-food products for the world.
This year, the Community Life Food Safety Team is collaborating with the leadership of AOAC International to host a webinar aiming to raise awareness of the importance of food analytical science.

Attend the webinar: Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow

The aim of this webinar is to draw attention and inspire action to the requirements of accurate and reliable food testing as part of ensuring food safety and quality, as well as supporting free flow of food and agri-food commodities as part of international trade. Discrepancies in food testing results are cited as a major source of disagreements between trading partners, which emphasizes the importance of standardization in the development and implementation of food testing in regulatory settings.

As a leader of analytical excellence, AOAC International advances food safety, food integrity, and public health, by bringing together members, organizations, and experts dedicated to developing and validating standards, methods and technologies, of global relevance. AOAC International is committed to maximizing its impacts in all regions of the world and is working to create a section in North Africa and the Middle East, with the intent to promote standardization in food analysis throughout the region.

This webinar will review the mission of AOAC International, its relevance for the region and the contribution of KAUST as a major academic center in the region to this global objective.

Guest panelists and speakers:

  • Special guest from Saudi Food and Drugs Authority: Dr. Rashed Al Aarfaj, executive director of monitoring and risk assessment at SFDA: The role of SFDA to ensure food safety and the importance of data to drive food regulatory decision-making processes
  • Dr. Erin Crowley, president AOAC International Introducing the Global mandate of AOAC International and its contribution to food safety internationally
  • Mr. David Schmidt, executive director AOAC International: Current and future directions of AOAC International
  • Prof. Samuel Godefroy, professor of food risk analysis and regulatory policies, University Of Laval, Quebec, Canada, member of the Board of Directors, AOAC International: Towards a MENA Section of AOAC International
  • Ms. Mariem Ben Said, KAUST Community Life Food Safety & Quality Assurance Lead and AOAC International University Taskforce member

Date: Thursday, June 10
Time: 2:00 p.m. (AST)
Location: On Zoom