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Saudi authorities look at modern foods, antimicrobial resistance and consumer action for World Food Safety Day


On the occasion of World Food Safety Day, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) assembled a session on the “Safety and Sustainability of Modern Food” that covered several topics including: 

  • Biotechnology in food products
  • Modern protein alternatives
  • Food innovation

The objective for this initiative was to promote food safety culture, compliance with food standards and the reduction of food risks.

In addition, there was intensive participation through the SFDA’s social media platforms (Twitter, Linkedin, and Snapchat) including:

  • Twitter poll about public interests in new food sources and technologies (English | Arabic)
  • An infographic on Twitter about the SFDA’s role in food safety (English | Arabic)
  • An infographic on Twitter and LinkedIn about innovations in the food sector (English | Arabic)
  • A video about World Food Safety Day and modern food innovations and legislation (Arabic)
  • A video of the SFDA CEO’s World Food Safety Day speech (Arabic)
  • Videos on Snapchat about food risks and novel foods

In addition, two webinars were held online:

“Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) from a food safety awareness perspective”

In this event, the SFDA emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the threat posed by the global spread of antimicrobial resistance as well as the role that legislative groups, farmers, veterans, individuals, pharmacists, and scientists can play under the one health umbrella. In addition, strategies for controlling and reducing its danger and magnitude in human and animal food were discussed.

“Change is in your hands! Build a safe food system, and make society safe and sound!”

Everyone can play their part in keeping food safe. We need to turn information and knowledge into action to ensure the safety of our food and therefore our health. This webinar targeted the public and it focused on our role as consumers in ensuring food safety and how to avoid foodborne diseases. Also, it highlighted our impact on food systems and how our actions can increase the sustainable production and consumption of safe foods and thus improves health outcomes.