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Fiji’s Ministry of Agriculture embraces World Food Safety Day


On 7 June this year, the Fijian Ministry of Agriculture dedicated itself to ensuring its staff and the general public were not only aware of World Food Safety Day but also that they understood the significance of ensuring food safety “to inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks.”

The Ministry, which is home to the country’s National Codex Alimentarius Committee, involved every department from accounts and human resources to animal health and agricultural statistics, in celebrating World Food Safety Day. A celebration cake was also shared among staff, with an edible World Food Safety Day logo on top.

But the Ministry also ensured that the food safety message was well and truly delivered to “all the actors along the agricultural value chain,” as well as the general Fijian population. The Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Mr Ritesh Dass, wrote an article, which was published on the Ministry of Agriculture website, and he delivered a 10-minute video address on Facebook live (see below), where he underlined his key messaging about World Food Safety Day and its importance in connection with Fiji’s national planning: “This focus dovetails well into our five-year strategic development plan of the Ministry, which aims to deliver a demand-driven and resilient agricultural sector that delivers economic opportunities, environmental sustainability and food nutrition and security for all Fijians,” he said.

Mr Dass also told Ministry of Agriculture staff that World Food Safety Day celebrations were dedicated “to all those that have ensured the [COVID-19] crisis had not interrupted supply chains and that safe food remained available.”


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