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CCPR52 / committee gets underway strengthening cooperation in pesticide regulation


In opening remarks to the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues, taking place virtually for the first time, from 26 July to 3 August 2021, Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, P.R. China, welcomed participants recalling how CCPR has developed the largest number of standards among all Codex committees. The committee “not only has a significant influence on the development of national pesticide residues standards, but also plays an increasingly important role in strengthening exchanges and cooperation in pesticide regulation among different countries,” he said, expressing the Chinese Government’s commitment to continue supporting Codex activities.

CCPR52 will discuss proposed draft maximum residue limits (MRLs) for various pesticides in food and feed crops to provide standards for food safety and foster international trade, and examine discussion papers that may lead to new approaches on CCPR work.

“There will be no food security, human health, nor sustainable development without food safety” said Carlos Watson, FAO representative to China and DPR Korea “In addressing the risk of pesticide residues in food consumption and trade for the benefit of human health, I congratulate the committee and each of you for this indispensable contribution”.

The Chairperson of the Codex Committee on Pesticides, Professor QIAO, China, said: “CCPR is a very important platform for members and observers that provides Codex Maximum Residue Limits and related texts for worldwide risk management of pesticide use in modern agriculture. In this regard, the risk managers, risk assessors, and risk communicators coming together and promoting the work of CCPR imply a specific meaning for the work of CAC at large, and for food safety and international fair practices in the food trade”.

"I have always felt that CCPR and CCFA were our biggest and most complex committees" said Tom Heilandt, Codex Secretary "and when we had to cancel both last year this caused a lot of distress in the Codex community showing how much these numerical standards are needed. I am excited that today the first of these big committees - CCPR - is meeting online to do its important job".


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