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Barcelona Food Safety is celebrating for the fourth year


The Barcelona Food Safety Forum (Barcelona Seguridad Alimentaria - BSA) will celebrate World Food Safety Day this year in a morning of presentations and round table discussions at the Barcelona School of Management in Barcelona on 7 June.

The event will concentrate on issues of alternative sources of protein with a talk from Massimo Castellari, a researcher from the Government of Catalunya’s Agri-Food Research and Technology Institute (IRTA) on the “present and future of sustainable protein production”. A series of round table discussions will then take place on the subjects of “alternative proteins are no longer science fiction: their presence in the market”, “protein sources: new food security challenges” and the “state of the art of proteins in networks”.

The event is organized by food hygiene companies, Bioser and Christenys, with the Government of Catalunya’s, Department of Health and IRTA, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Representatives from both the public and private sectors will take part and the event is open to anyone who works in the sector and wants “to keep up to date with the latest trends”.

This is a Spanish language event.

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