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Spain’s Veraliment to celebrate World Food Safety Day for the 4th year


For the fourth consecutive year, Veraliment is organizing a meeting for professionals in the food sector for World Food Safety Day 2022.

Under the slogan "To protect lives", Veraliment will focus on those organizations and professionals who “put their effort and dedication into helping and protecting lives”. “This,” says Veraliment’s CEO, Andrés García, is “also Food Safety Culture, and is aligned with the values of protection, awareness and well-being that are promoted from the food sector to all links in the food chain.”

García will be joined for the event by Miguel Mateo, head of Oxocarbenio, and Fernando del Pino, biologist and food safety technician. There will also be surprise special guests.

Language: Spanish

Date & time: 7 June 2022 17:30 CEST

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