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Food Safety Works to conduct quiz, conversation, training and awareness for World Food Safety Day


Food Safety Works, a food quality and safety consultancy company in India, will observe World Food Safety Day by conducting various activities in the week of 6 to 10 June.

Activities include:

Awareness-raising on the food safety implications of using newspaper to package food

This will include adigital marketing campaign on the topic, to create awareness both amongst food vendors and consumers on why it is hazardous to use newspaper.

Dates: 6-10 June

Food Safety Conversation: Beyond Shawarma

A food safety conversation will focus on ensuring “safer food, better health” in the context of street food vending settings and how to ensure we reduce risks and hazards, panellists from academia, industry and regulatory bodies. The conversation will be hosted by Surabhi Soral, Head of Regulatory at Food Safety Works. 

Date: 7 June

Food Safety Quiz

A food safety quiz will be targeted specifically at students. Questions will cover general hygiene practices, hazards, regulations, and allergens.

Date: 8 June. Winners will be announced on 9 June.

Free Basic Training on GMP/GHP in Catering

A freeFoSTac: Basic Catering training will be delivered by Nameeta Garg, Senior Consultant at Food Safety Works.

Date: 9 June


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