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China’s Henan Zhonglu Import and Export Trading Company to hold ‘Douyin’ video contest for World Food Safety Day


The Henan Zhonglu Import and Export Trading Company will hold a Douyin video contest for World Food Safety, with prizes available for the winners. Douyin is a Chinese language short-form mobile video platform.

The contest aims to encourage collaboration in integrating food safety practices into people’s daily lives, and to deepen public understanding of food safety.

Contest rules are

-        One submission per Douyin account. No more than 1 000 submissions can be received.

-        Submit a video between 1 and 10 June

-        Priority will be given to original videos highlighting products imported by Zhengou Imported Commodities

-        Videos should be tagged with the Zhengou Imported Commodities username (@郑欧进口商品), @WHO, @FAO and address the theme of “food safety is everyone’s business”

-        Videos should demonstrate at least two of the Five Keys to Safer Food published by WHO, which should also be provided in text at the end of the video

-        Videos must have at least 40 likes to qualify

Winners will be announced on 13 June.