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Chile celebrates the 60th anniversary of Codex with a symposium


Chile joined the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Codex Alimentarius Commission with the symposium “60 años del Codex Alimentarius, construyendo normas que salvan vidas. La experiencia de Chile”. The celebration was opened by a video on Codex and its mechanisms along with a presentation by Diego Varela, Executive Secretary of ACHIPIA and Vice-President of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. "Codex has been fundamental in the establishment of the production and trade system. This system has allowed for great growth in national and international food production and marketing, but it has new challenges ahead," said Varela.

Esteban Valenzuela. Minister of Agriculture of Chile, noted in his speech that Codex is “an important institution in Chile and Latin America” and that it is of the "utmost importance to keep academia, industry and the public sector active in Codex".

Eve Crowley, FAO representative in Chile, and Hernán Chiriboga, IICA representative in Chile, participated in the opening ceremony, highlighting the value of Codex for the development of food systems, and noting the role the contribution of Chile to the work of the Commission.

During the event, five technical experts from Chile, namely, Enedina Lucas, Jaime Cornejo, Gonzalo Ríos, Antonieta Urrutia and Orialis Villarroel, have been presented with a recognition award for their long contribution to Codex.

A Q&A session on Codex with representatives from the private and public sectors and academia closed the event.


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