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Lisbon workshop raises awareness on full stakeholder engagement in Codex


On January 9, 2018, a training course was held in Lisbon, Portugal, with the objective to reorganize and strengthen the participation of national representatives of  different committees in Codex work, as well as, to raise awareness concerning the need to engage all stakeholder groups (Non-governmental organizations, consumer organizations and industry associations) and partners (Ministry of science, health, trade and foreign affairs) in Codex work.

This training was organized and conducted by the General Directorate for Food and Veterinary / Food Safety Department / Public Health Unit (DGAV / DSSA / DSP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development. The workshop was led by the Codex Alimentarius National Contact Point, Dr. Miguel Oliveira Cardo.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Directorate General of Foreign Policy (MNE / DGPE) were present, and represented by Mr. José Coelho Silva, who shared his experience on the facilitation of Portuguese participation in  Codex Alimentarius meetings. Some of the most experienced participants in Codex meetings shared their experiences and testimony as national Codex representatives. It is foreseen the organization of a seminar, in May, open to all interested parts to disseminate information on Codex work.