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An avatar unveiled in Brazil for World Food Safety Day


A 7 June 2020 World Food Safety Day campaign delivered many communication and dissemination tools, enabling several companies in the food supply chain, open during the pandemic, to share the message in a clear and playful way.

An example of this is demonstrated by the activities coordinated by the Dr Adriana Abud, who works together with other professionals specialized in Safety Food to promote the Culture of Food Safety in companies. For 30 days, several calls were made, materials were sent by e-mail, World Food Safety Day messages were diligently posted on social media.

A distinct factor was an avatar personalized with the World Food Safety Day visual identity and campaign theme, which visited different locations, engaging with employees, entrepreneurs and consumers.

Supermarket stores and the spice and frozen food industries received the campaign. All are located in 16 cities in the State of São Paulo, the most populous in Brazil. Thus, reaching 9,500 employees and up to 3 million customers.

Employee involvement helped to achieve the objective of promoting: Food Safety is everyone's responsibility.


Read more about the company behind this initiative:

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