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Webinar to provide update on new AMR Code of Practice


On 8 April Codex Members and Observers are invited to a webinar highlighting the progress made in revising the Codex Code of Practice to Minimize and Contain Foodborne AMR. There have been many developments in the area of antimicrobial resistance since the text was originally published in 2005 and following the adoption of the Global Action Plan on AMR by the World Health Assembly, Codex Members agreed it was time to revise the Code of Practice and established the Task Force on AMR to undertake this work.

This webinar will provide participants with an insight into the advances made in the risk management of AMR as contained in the revision of the Code of Practice to Contain and Minimize Foodborne Antimicrobial Resistance and an overview of key issues that have received substantial discussion. It provides an opportunity for participants to share their views on the current draft to those leading the work as Codex moves into the final phases of the revision, where a further official call for comments will be issued ahead of two working groups in June and October 2021 with the full task force meeting later in the year.

Register for this webinar on the Codex Online Registration System through your Codex Contact Point.

Programme available here (click to download).

Further information and background documents including the latest revision of the Code of Practice are available on the TFAMR8 webpage.

[Text edited 8/4/2021 to add details on the Global Action Plan and the Codex timeline for the revision of this text].