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Malawi launches Codex Trust Fund Project to build national capacity


 Malawi launched its Codex Trust Fund Project on 1 April 2021 at the Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe.

The Minister of Health for Malawi, the Honourable Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, MP, presided over the launch of the project entitled: “Building Strong, Solid and Sustainable National Capacity to Engage in Codex”.

The launch was attended by various stakeholders whose activities are related to Codex, food safety, agriculture, trade, health and human nutrition. These included Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies from Agriculture, Health, Trade, Industry and Local Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, Development Partners such as WHO and FAO, participants from academia and industry, and various media houses.

The main objective of the Malawi project is to have a strengthened and functional Codex structure in Malawi that would enhance effective participation in Codex work. The launch was also an opportunity for the country to raise awareness of Codex activities at national level and its importance in advancing national food safety and facilitating food trade.

Malawi CTF project launch

Participants at the launch from all food safety stakeholder groups

Speaking during launch, the Chairperson of the National Codex Committee (NCC) for Malawi, Dr Patrick Chikungwa, said the project had come at the right time when Africa will be trading as a region under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), and Malawi, as a member of the AfCFTA, will need to adopt standards that are based on international standards.

The Secretary for Health, Dr Charles Mwansambo, emphasized on the need to improve food safety in Malawi through strengthened Codex structures. He further said that the project also complements FAO support to the Government of Malawi under the project “Strengthening the national Food Control Systems in Malawi”which is enhancing the policy and legal framework for food control in Malawi, establishing a national risk basis for the food control system and defining and implementing a food safety risk communication approach.

Speaking at the launch, the Minister of Health thanked development partners especially FAO and WHO for their commitment to support the implementation of this project, which would strengthen Codex structures in Malawi, thereby improving food safety in the country. She assured the participants at the launch that the Ministry of Health had noted the challenges the National Codex Committee was facing, and that going forward, the Ministry and other key Ministries will provide support to Codex activities including implementation of the project in the country.


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