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Philippines Food Safety Academy to hold a month of food safety webinars


FoodSHAP, the Food Safety and Hygiene Academy of the Philippines, has organized free Food Safety Webinars for the whole month of June, which are aimed at “consumers at home, in school, and in the tourism and hospitality industry.”

Starting on World Food Safety Day itself, there will be four webinars in total, covering arrange of subjects connected to some of the World Food Safety Day calls to action:


7 June  Keep it Safe: Food Business Operators Best Practices to Food Safety

with speakers from GrabFood Philippines, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Health in the Philippines


10 June Keep It Safe: Food Safety and Food Waste Reduction

with speakers from the Philippines Department of Tourism PH, WHO’s Philippines office and the Philippine Hotel Owners Association


17 June Know What’s Safe: Food Safety at Home and in School

with speakers from the Philippines Department of Education and WHO’s Philippines office


21 June Teaming Up for Food Safety: Food Safety Guide for Community Volunteers

with speakers from Rise Against Hunger Philippines, AFP (Community Volunteers)


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