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Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST) showcases science in honour of World Food Day and World Food Safety Day


In China, food is clearly a top priority – and food safety is seen as fundamental to the country, and to people’s livelihoods and wellbeing. As such, a series of activities were designed by authorities in China to promote public understanding of relevant issues, in recognition of both World Food Day in October 2021 and World Food Safety Day, which was celebrated on 7 June.

At Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST), members of the faculty of the College of Food Science and Engineering used the government initiative to improve people’s “scientific literacy in food storage and preservation” and formed a “food wisdom cold chain preservation science team”, led by Professor Xia Liu and lecturer Liping Qiao, to generate activities in alignment with the government programme.

The programme is designed around five tracks, which should pursue:

  1. Popular science projects, monographs, column papers, patents and other works
  2. Popularization of science and social influence
  3. Popular science awards and honours
  4. Popular science stories
  5. Future planning

Targeting all sections of the population, the TUST team carried out an array of activities including the publication of popular science books, magazine articles, 40 popular science papers and two popular science patents. In addition, puzzle games were produced, as well as popular science videos, science resource packs, and more than ten sets of popular science brochures. A professional food science popularization team composed of more than 100 students was formed, and two provincial science popularization bases were approved: Tianjin University of Science and Technology Food Smart Preservation Science Base, and a second batch of food safety publicity and education bases in Tianjin. Many more activities were also carried out in kindergartens, schools, universities, public spaces such as museums and with groups of elderly citizens.

This programme is based on the “two wings of development”, which are “Science and Technological Innovation” and “Scientific Popularization”. The Food Wisdom team plan to continue spreading the word to ensure food safety takes flight, as it were, throughout the population.


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