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The Japan Food Safety Management Association gives lessons on the "Five Keys to Safer Food"


On 27 April, Masanori Kotani, Secretary General of Japan’s Food Safety Management Association (JFSM) delivered a lecture on food safety and the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) “5 keys to safer food” to second- and third-year students at Hokkaido Shizunai Agricultural High School.

The session included quizzes, which helped make the food safety lessons more fun for the students. In addition, the third-year students took part in an online class, connecting the milk processing room and the classroom at Shizunai Agricultural High School by means of wearable cameras. JFSM also gave a lecture on ideas for producing food more safely.

Students commented: "I felt I should definitely think about food safety on every June 7" and "The 5 Keys to Safer Food are simple and easy to understand. It would be a good idea to put them up at school."

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