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Raising the profile of food safety in Chad


The Cabinet d’Expertise Six Sigma, a food safety awareness organization in Chad, held a series of World Food Safety Day events in efforts to raise the profile of food safety in the country.

The events ranged from film viewings and speeches to conversations with people who have had foodborne disease, and with restaurateurs who talked about their food safety priorities.

The organization recorded these conversations and distributed awareness videos, and they invited the media to attend their events. In national TV coverage, Cabinet d’Expertise Six Sigma president, Adoumbaye Sylvain, spoke about the connection between food safety and food security. “About a week ago,” he said, “our nation declared a state of food and nutrition emergency. This is a situation which forces many to eat food that does not meet good quality standards.”

He called on the government to take effective and immediate action on food safety, “a condition sine qua non for the achievement of food security and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Sylvain said the government should prioritize food safety: “There’s no food security without taking into account food safety, which touches public health,” he said.

Watch the videos

Sylvain’s speech

Conversations with restaurateurs