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CCEURO / Regional Meeting reviews achievements and looks to the future


On July 13, 2022, Nailya Karsybekova, Regional Coordinator for Europe, arranged a meeting with Codex contact persons of the post-Soviet countries - Central Asia, the Caucasus, Ukraine, and Russia.

Those in attendance carried out an analysis of the work for the entire period of Kazakhstan’s coordination since August 2017 and discussed achievements, lessons learned, an arsenal of new tasks, and proposed solutions.

Participating countries also discussed the current work of Codex at the national level, and the importance of countries taking an active part in the work of the Codex subsidiary bodies. They underlined the importance of strengthening the role of national coordinating councils on issues of the Codex Alimentarius and intersectoral cooperation, and of strengthening cooperation with the country offices of FAO and WHO.

Countries on the virtual call expressed interest in conducting capacity building training webinars on Codex Alimentarius issues and learnt of the proposal that Germany be put forward for nomination as the next regional coordinator.

The countries expressed a unanimous position on further consolidation and intensification of work on the issues of the Codex Alimentarius for the benefit of the regional Codex family and for Codex as a whole.


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Top row: Armenia - Marianna Khachatryan, Nailya Karsybekova, Organization-observer - Eurasian economic commission-  Karymbayeva Saliya.

Bottom row: Russian Federation- Xeniya Bokovaya, Rospotrebnadzor, Kyrgyz Republic - Aisulu Syrgabekova, Center for standardization and metrology of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Uzbekistan- Anvar Shukurov, Ministry of health.