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Portugal’s Sumol+Campol organizes World Food Safety Day event to promote company-wide food safety awareness


Sumol+Compal, the Portuguese fruit and vegetable juice and snack company, promoted World Food Safety Day on 8 June with a webinar for all employees, which aimed to promote and consolidate the culture of quality and food safety within the organization.

The webinar, which took place in collaboration with Sumol+Compal partners and official entities, addressed a number of food safety issues.

The first presentation was from Filipa Melo de Vasconcelos, Sub-inspector General of the Portuguese Economic and Food Safety Authority (ASAE) and Portugal’s representative to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), who spoke on the subject of “Fraud and Food (In)Security within our borders or without”. Subsequently, Maria José Gonçalves from APCER, the certification, audit and training services company spoke on the “Culture of Quality and Food Safety” and Maria Helena Gomes and Nuno Oliveira spoke on behalf of Colab4Food, a” Collaborative Laboratory for Innovation in the Agri-Food sector” on technological solutions for the food industry. In closing, Milena Parnigoni from Logoplaste, a packaging company, spoke about recycled plastics and their environmental and food safety.

The event was attended by 162 people, 97 percent of whom said the event met or exceeded their expectations.

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