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Codex in Mauritius / Learning from others


By Shalini Neeliah
Codex Contact Point, Mauritius

In 2020, when we signed the project document for the Codex Trust Fund Assistance, we knew we were in for a deep dive.  As a developing country, we had a relatively new Codex structure, but we were very keen to improve it so that we fulfill all our obligations as a World Trade Organization member.  Participation in Codex meetings was still sporadic, depending largely on the funding of the Codex Trust Fund (CTF). 

As a CTF beneficiary, the Republic of Mauritius is currently conducting a project to strengthen its Codex structure and the country's capacity to participate in the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and its various committees. Led by the National Codex Contact Point (CCP), within the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security, with the support of the National Codex Committee members, this project includes various activities.

Among these activities is the twinning of the Codex Contact Point Mauritius with well-established and active CCP.  Following discussion with our colleagues from the WHO, it was agreed that we would initiate twinning activities with the Netherlands, who already had some experience having mentored CCP Ghana in 2018. After a first online meeting with Marie Ange Delen, the representative of the CCP Netherlands, it was decided that Netherlands CCP would conduct two knowledge sharing sessions on 16th and 17th June 2022: one with the NCC members for Mauritius, the other with the NCC members designated to attend the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues held in July 2022.

The first session was an opportunity for NCC members to learn about the Commission and its website.  Emphasis was placed on the retrieval of documents and on the eight step procedure for the standard setting process.  During the second session, we gained a deeper insight on the agenda of the forthcoming CCPR meeting and learned about the background behind each of the agenda points.   We were now better prepared to participate in the forthcoming CCPR. 

We can affirm that we are very lucky to be benefitting from the expertise and experience of the Codex Contact Point of the Netherlands.  This twinning process is certainly expected to be very fruitful as it will enhance the management of the CCP and our working procedures. 


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