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CCFL46 / Labelling standards empower consumers to make important and informed decisions


Over 400 delegates gathered online for the opening session of the Codex Committee on Food Labelling (CCFL) which runs from 27 September to 7 October 2021, hosted, since its inception in 1965, by Canada.

Harpreet Kochhar, Associate Deputy Minister of Health Canada, welcomed delegates and described Canada’s relationship with the committee as one of the country’s longest standing and most significant international engagements in food and nutrition.

“Making decisions and choices about food is an important aspect of daily life. International labelling standards and guidelines developed by this committee empower consumers to make important and informed decisions about the food we eat,” he said.

“Even while facing numerous challenges, we have the opportunity to build a stronger, more resilient world where everyone has access to safe, nutritious food every day. Holding the CCFL session virtually this year allows more people to participate, which means that a greater number of national experts from countries all over the world can contribute to Codex work,” he added.

Recognizing the critical role in food safety of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Kochhar continued: “As the world becomes more complex due to technological advances, globalization and evolving food production and supply systems, the importance of Codex role is becoming increasingly crucial. I'm convinced that a collaborative approach and consensus building process and the use of science and evidence as the basis for establishing Codex standards, will ultimately result in meeting our collective mandate, ensuring food safety for all of us.”

Mariam Eid, Lebanon, Vice Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission said that as Member States face the continuing threat from COVID-19 “the world is counting more than ever on our work during this week to ensure fair trade and that safe food is readily available to everyone, everywhere.”

“This is a revolutionary period for Codex working together and being innovative,” said Codex Secretary Tom Heilandt. Acknowledging the contribution of technical experts, host countries and the Codex Secretariat team in ensuring work on Codex standards progresses, “the time has come to bring some of this work … to conclusion and send it to the Commission for final adoption,” he said.


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Interview with Chairperson Kathy Twardek, Canada


Main photo: Canada, hosts of CCFL in Ottawa watch Harpreet Kochhar on screen deliver opening remarks.

Photo credit: © Codex Canada