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CCFICS virtual workshop on "Equivalence" - 21 September 2022, 12:00 CET


In preparation for CCFICS26, the electronic Working Group (eWG) for Equivalence is convening a CCFICS Equivalence virtual workshop on 21 September 2022, 12.00 to 14.30 CET, open to all Codex Members and Observers.

Equivalence is a complex issue and building understanding and consensus takes time.  There have been multiple rounds of consultation and comments via physical and electronic working groups and at several CCFICS meetings since 2014. 

The event will provide an opportunity for informal discussion of the two separate but parallel workstreams and an opportunity to inform next steps to progress the work ahead of CCFICS26 in May 2023, with the following specific objectives:

Workstream 1 – Draft guidelines on recognition and maintenance of equivalence of national food control systems.

  • Hold a focussed discussion on the small number of outstanding issues based on the second round of the eWG comments received on Workstream 1, with the view to facilitating completion of the work at CCFICS26.

Workstream 2 – Draft consolidated Codex guidelines related to equivalence.

  • Hold a focussed discussion on the comments received on the Draft Principles section for Workstream 2 and consider how to proceed with further drafting of the consolidated guidelines ahead of CCFICS26.

The workshop will be held on the Zoom platform in English and Spanish.

The agenda is available on the CCFICS26 website.

Register here on Zoom.