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Ivan Parkin award / Sarah Cahill calls for a food safety stocktaking moment


Sarah Cahill of the Codex Secretariat has received the Ivan Parkin award at the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting taking place from 16-19 July 2023 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her lecture entitled “Anatomy of a Standard” emphasized how clarity, engagement, science, impact and patience were key to developing useful and successful standards.

The Ivan Parkin Lecture was established by IAFP in 1986 to honor individuals who have had a significant impact on the field of food safety. Each year a prominent food safety leader is selected to deliver the Ivan Parkin Lecture at the Opening Session of IAFP’s Annual Meeting.

“I am honoured to receive the Ivan Parkin award,” she said. “In developing standards we need to take the time to ensure they are bringing countries closer together not increasing the divide.”

Food standards provide a ready-made and readily available guide for what needs to be done to make food safe.  They are not the complete answer, they don’t stand alone, but international food standards give us a target and common goal – a pathway to work towards safe food.

Cahill called on an audience of food safety professionals to take a “food safety stocktaking moment” positioning food safety as an enabler: of good health and well-being, of successful food businesses, and of trade - as well as one of the enablers of the successful transformation of our agrifood systems. 

The International Association for Food Protection meeting highlights current and emerging food safety issues, the latest science, innovative solutions to new and recurring problems, and the opportunity to network with thousands of food safety professionals from around the globe.

“This event is a great occasion to meet and reconnect with the amazing people from all over the world that support scientific advice and Codex standard setting as well as those on the frontline of standards implementation and food safety management,” said Cahill.


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