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Egypt celebrates 50 years of participation in Codex Alimentarius


Egypt celebrated a milestone: 50 years participating in Codex work, marked by a commitment to the principles and objectives of the joint FAO/WHO programme. Celebrations hosted by Dr Khaled Soufi, Chairperson of the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (EOS) and Codex Egypt, and Dr Ashraf El Gazayerli, Chairperson of the Chamber of Food Industries (CFI), took place in Cairo with the participation of Raj Rajasekar CAC Vice-chairperson, Khalid AlZhrani, CCNE Chairperson, Hakim Mufumbiro, CCAFRICA Coordinator, along with FAO staff. 400 participants attended the event, half of which connecting virtually from across the region.

"Egypt’s 50th anniversary celebrations were an occasion not only to recognise its participation in the work of Codex but also to recognize the huge contribution that Codex food safety and quality standards make to advancing global food safety, health protection, and fair-trade interests." said Raj Rajasekar, CAC vice-Chairperson.

By actively participating in Codex initiatives, Egypt has played a vital role in setting international benchmarks that prevent foodborne illnesses and protect consumers worldwide. Moreover, Egypt's commitment to quality standards has played a pivotal role in promoting international trade and fostering consumer confidence. This has not only contributed to economic growth but has also opened doors to international markets, creating new opportunities for along the food value chain.