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New ACT factsheets / Countries address antimicrobial resistance through the implementation of Codex texts


Six new factsheets were recently published to promote how the “Action to support implementation of Codex AMR (ACT)” project countries work to address foodborne antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

“Managing AMR poses a significant challenge for the world. One way AMR can spread to humans is through food, known as foodborne AMR. Unfortunately, every day, unsafe food causes illnesses and deaths. We work globally and locally to address foodborne AMR through the implementation of Codex AMR texts, and these factsheets provide a snapshot of each country”, said Jeffrey LeJeune, FAO Food Safety Officer.

The ACT project supports these efforts in the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia, Nepal and Pakistan. These factsheets present the strengths and opportunities of those countries to control AMR, as well as the landscape of antimicrobial resistance and use. The documents also describe the target audiences in each national context, the expected results, and what is being done under the ACT project.

The participating countries are working on raising awareness on good practices and Codex texts, AMR-related regulations, training as well as improving monitoring and surveillance initiatives. They are also promoting policies that encourage the responsible use of antimicrobials and alternatives to their use as growth promoters.

Foodborne AMR is a food safety issue. The implementation of Codex AMR texts reduces the emergence and transmission of AMR in food systems, thereby protecting consumer health and ensuring fair trade practices.


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