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CAC46/ Directors-General of FAO and WHO open this year’s Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting with 60th anniversary wishes


The 46th session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission was opened at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on 27 November by the Directors-General of FAO and the World Health Organization (WHO) with celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the first Commission meeting in 1963.

Dr Qu Dongyu, FAO’s Director-General welcomed the more-than 700 delegates from Codex Member Countries and Observer Organizations who have travelled from almost 160 countries to attend the Commission meeting in this, its 60th anniversary year. “Sixty years ago, the objective was to highlight the rapidly growing importance of internationally accepted food standards as a means of protecting consumers and producers globally and to effectively reduce trade barriers – these objectives are still relevant today,” he said. The FAO DG went on to highlight the importance of Codex, its scientific basis and its role in achieving zero hunger and the Sustainable Development Goals, and acknowledged the contributions made by all to the successes of Codex. “I wish to express thanks to all the Codex family, to all Members who invest precious resources to ensure the engagement of their delegates, who show trust in this Body,” he concluded.

Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO congratulated Codex on the anniversary in a video message and said: “Our shared goal must be affordable, safe and healthy diets, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using land and water responsibly, and preventing the dispersal of toxic chemicals. The Codex Alimentarius has an important role to play. Since it was established in 1963, it has provided international food standards to protect health and promote fair trade. Moving forward, the Codex needs to help address the challenge of transforming food systems, based on rigorous science and inclusive discussions.”

Looking forward to the discussions ahead, Steve Wearne, Codex Alimentarius Commission Chairperson said: “Codex can play a pivotal role in advancing global goals by developing international food standards that address potential issues for consumer health protection and fair-trade practice while supporting the uptake and implementation of policies and programmes to address the broader imperative to implement more sustainable food systems.” 

During the week-long meeting, Codex Members will debate a range of proposed texts for adoption as international food standards.

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