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Workshop on Risk Assessment and Management of Mycotoxins Nairobi, Kenya


A workshop held 11-12 April 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya is providing participants from COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) with a science-based approach for risk assessment and management of mycotoxins.

Mycotoxin contamination of food commodities poses major challenges to both public health and trade. While it remains a global problem, this is particularly relevant in some regions of the world where dietary exposure to mycotoxins is still unacceptably high. Effective national and regional programmes for reducing mycotoxins contamination require an awareness of international Codex standards and how they are developed, as well as an adequate regulatory framework that enables implementation and enforcement of these standards.

Working together

FAO and COMESA are working together on a capacity development programme to facilitate risk-based harmonization of food safety regulations within the region. One area that has been identified as important for COMESA is that of mycotoxin regulations and their harmonization on the basis of science among its member states.

Vittorio Fattori, Food Safety and Quality Officer, and one of the training team in Nairobi, emphasised the importance of the training in “supporting COMESA Member Countries in applying a science-based approach to develop sound and harmonized food safety regulations within the region.”

The first workshop, held in November 2017, trained participants on the key principles of chemical risk assessment with an emphasis on exposure assessment. During the training, real data was used in order to assess risks and provoke reflections on risk management options, including the impact assessment of different Maximum Limits (MLs).

Training COMESA Nairobi April 2018

Participants discuss risk assessment and management of mycotoxins

This second workshop will outline the steps taken at national level since last November. Participants will present national positions and work towards proposals for regional mycotoxin regulations. Facilitated sessions will stimulate discussion among participants to define and agree on a way forward for harmonization of regulations in COMESA.


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