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Food Safety Campaign in Rwanda


This year’s World Food Safety Day’s theme was Food Safety Everyone’s Business. The Authority adopted this theme to conduct a campaign on food safety. Several health reports indicate that there has been arise in the number of food borne illnesses globally, this campaign is therefore aimed at raising awareness on the risks people are exposed to through consuming unsafe food. It is also to boost safety measures for consumption of food among the general public, detecting and managing of food borne risks .This campaign also aims at highlighting the role of individuals and the food industry at large in ensuring that all consumables that is food are exactly safe for the population’s consumption.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the campaign is digital and will be conducted through the different social media platforms of Rwanda FDA ie twitter and facebook . The Authority has also partnered with different partners to make the campaign a success. Through the one week campaign, several food safety information posters will be posted on social media and at the end of the campaign; there will be a TV and radio talk show on Food Safety. A radio and TV spot have been produced and are to play on the channels throughout the campaign.