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World Food Safety Day/ Mexico food company raises staff awareness on preparing for the unexpected


Grupo Jumex in Mexico celebrated World Safety Day by displaying a “Safety Expo”, where, based on the information displayed on the WHO website, the Group's Plants expose safety issues and promote the culture of the importance of ensuring the safety of food products.

Areas such as Internal Communication, Human Capital, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and Technical Management worked together for this campaign. This year, 6 local plants, 4 foreign plants, 6 support areas and 4 invited suppliers participated. The local plants, foreign plants and support areas presented a topic that has impacted them during the 2023 period and how they prepared for the unforeseen as a result of this. Suppliers spoke about the importance of safety and together they worked with more than 400 collaborators for 2 days, so that through a brief explanation and dynamics, the culture of safety was reinforced.

For Office staff, a trivia quiz related to safety issues was launched.

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